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Educate a man, and he can earn a proper living. Educate a woman,and she educates the family!

Marathi, which is the official language of my state, Maharashtra became a part of my school syllabus as the 3rd language in 5th. Around 7th standard, we had this chapter which basically said that you educate a man, he can earn his livelihood and provide for his family but when you educate a woman, she educates the whole family.

In Biology or just plain Science, haven't we learnt one thing which, if everybody knew, could just help shut ignorant idiots up?
The mother always supplies an 'X' chromosome.
The father supplies either the 'X' or the 'Y' chromosome. It is not his choice or at will :/ 
The sperm cell (male) determines the sex of the child. 
If it contains an 'X' chromosome, the zygote will be 'XX' = female.
If it contains a 'Y' chromosome,  the zygote will be 'XY' = male.

So many serials, real life stories, we hear about the women being insulted and abused and called names because they have given birth only to female babies. HOW IS IT HER FAULT?

I haven't grown up in an abused or extremely radical and patriarchal environment, so I cannot just proclaim that this is unfair and that all women who are abused should go to the police or something.
But what I CAN do is ask you all, the readers to know this and hold on it.
I know it isn't some startling new discovery, nor is it something that can totally transform all our lives, but who knows when, someday this information will help you, help someone. :)

Schools should impart knowledge regarding this issue, tell all the female students to know this, to know that when they give birth, they should feel proud, not be made to feel ashamed about the gender of the baby!
And the male students, they should understand the working, so when they grow up, they do not commit atrocious and disturbing crimes like infanticide and female foeticide. 

I can try and understand the whole point to having a son. I mean, he'd be there even after marriage (if he chooses to) and could/would support you till you last breath.
But how does this in any way mean that you ruthlessly kill your wives/your sisters/females just for the beautiful and divine act of giving birth, just because of the baby's gender?
How dare you kill the child growing in her womb because you find out it's a girl?
What wrong has that poor soul done? 

Writing/Talking/Reading about this is not enough. We need to know what is right, what our basic human rights are and we need to impart this to our children, or need be, even our elders!

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  1. You make me proud of you with every post you write :)

    I have always adhered to the fact that an educated mother is very essential for the progress of a family, a community and the nation...and if you want India to be developed we need to make each and every female educated and self reliant in many ways so they can take decisions which make them children citizens we can b proud of...

    Well everyone knows of the XX and XY chromosomes but alas hardly anyone remembers when they HAVE to

    I hope more ppl read ur post and understand the intricacy of all this

    So very proud of u :)

    1. Thank you Di, thank you so much!
      Yes, that is so true.
      Thanks a lot <3 x

  2. wow...that's a nice post.. all the best :)

  3. Proud of you for what you write!

    And girl, let ME teach you a bit of Marathi :D

  4. awesome ":)) gooood post

  5. There should be more awareness for an injustice this great. I'm sorry this happens so often. It shouldn't happen at all. People are cruel. Very cruel. I pray for the woman and children in India, the ones who have lost their lives and the women who have lost their babies.. Words can not even describe at this moment..

    1. People truly are cruel,sigh.
      Thanks Crystal.
      Hope things get better here. :) x

  6. Completely agree with you on this. Loved it!

  7. Indeed Very touching and thought provoking post!!
    It really touched a raw nerve of me and tears rolled up!!

    1. Thanks a lot.
      I know, when I read about 2000 girls being killed each day, I too felt like that :(

  8. Nice Post. And nicely written.
    And I too agree with you. :)

  9. Hi,
    You have won a "Awesome Blogger Award". As it is a passing on Award, I am passing it on to you for you. Cheers' to dancing in your own way. Congrats and enjoy. Find out the award details here:

    Take Care and keep writing. :)

  10. Nicely written
    Well done yaar..cheers for the article :).
    Also Check out mine.Give your comment on it.
    Are Hijra's(TransGender) not a Human being.?

  11. Awesome Post :D.
    Just loved it :). I never knew about the chromosomes :O.
    It should really be taught in schools.

    Lovely post dear :) :D.
    Deserve a prize for sure :D.
    Congrats on the Kindle Keyboard :)

    1. Thanks :D, I'm glad you loved it! Oh, well, now you know! :] Which was my main purpose, so yeah.
      And thank youuu :D :D xx

  12. nice thought and well written..
    congratulations for winning the contest :)

    1. Thank you so much, and congrats to you too! :D x

  13. Congratulations N :)
    I'm so proud :)

  14. Congratulations and such a thought provoking post too :) ... Its hard to educate all the people but at least doctors should have some sense not to perform illegal abortions in the face of a few hundred bucks!!

    1. Thank you!
      Exactly. But sadly, paise se hi sab kuch chalta hai :[
      Thanks for commenting :]

  15. Congrats on being a winning entry Girl! :)

  16. Congrats on your win..! Indeed a true topic that you have chose..female foeticide is really worse and the point about educating women,,and that which changes the entire scenario..Indeed educating women can itself solve many problem!

    1. Thank you!
      Exactly. Educating women would help a lot!
      Thank you for commenting :] x


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