Friday, October 28

"Love is a two way street: Love your hair and it loves you back!"

We all take extreme good care of our cars/bikes/mobiles, but what about our own body, which is indeed priceless?

I always felt out of place,
Wished I could go around, with a thickly veiled face,
Saw beauty all around me,
How I dreamt, wished and prayed that, that same beauty would flow through me.

Saw curly haired people always being bitches on tv,
I wanted straight hair, so badly.
All my cousins, my real brother, everybody had silky straight hair,
Only mine was a bother.

I tried straightening it, was such an epic fail,
My hair had never looked so flat, as if I had drowned it in kiloliters of tel (oil)
Hair became limp, the iron had done its bit.

Realized slowly, I had so much growing up to do,
I was unique, my hair was unique too!

Now when people ask me why don't I straighten my hair,
Or when they call my hair weird, I don't really care,
This curly, crazy, wild hair is a part of me,
When my hair flies while travelling or is a mess when I wake up,
It makes me smile and realize that I should be really happy,
Because that is a part of all those things that make me, ME!

In 7th standard,I really did straighten my hair for a school function. After washing it after a day or two, I realized I had been such a bad person to my hair. My hair soon became pathetically dry and the breakage- don't even ask! No amount of oil or proper diet could cure them and I cursed myself.
Soon, the hair grew itself out and nice squiggly diggly hair replaced the damaged ones. :D
Peace was restored!
My favorite, wow-some hair moment was last year, a day before teacher's day. I wanted to get a hair cut since sooo long, I went to the salon the day before. I told that female,quite firmly,I may add, that she should NOT reduce my hair length drastically. It was 4-5 inches below shoulder level. And ohmigod! She literally butchered my hair. It barely touched my shoulders, and that too while it was blow-dried.
And everyone knows curly hair, if blow dried/straightened appears longer.
I went home and cried. I could not even fit it into a rubber band, forget making plaits!
But it grew on me. And that hair cut still remains the best one. :D
It suited my face and was perfect <3


This was my hair story. What's yours?
Read this and submit it on IndiBlogger here :)
[ This post was written as a part of the Dove Hair Care Challenge on IndiBlogger. ]

Thanks for reading.
Hope you had an amazing Diwali.
And to all my Gujju readers, Saal Mubarak >:D<
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