Saturday, February 11

Lisa's Room

"Ohmigod, is that you Jack?" she squealed.
The packet of macaroni fell from his hands. "Lisa? I can't believe it ... It's been how many years, 20? God. You look, just the same!" he said.
"You flatter me! Where did you disappear off to? I mean, I'm seeing you actually after like so many many years!" she said smiling, picking up his pasta.
"Never mind. How have you been? Still can't believe it's you .. "
"Ha ha. It's me allright. Just older, fatter an-" she stopped. He was looking at her like he knew exactly what she was thinking. His hazel eyes piercing her gaze.
'Lisa, I know you. There's no need to put up a facade. It's me, Jack' they seemed to say.

It suddenly dawned on him that they had stood that way, staring for maybe a moment too long.
"How have you been, tell me? How's he?" he said, trying hard not to inject too much venom into the last part of the sentence. He had grown old, but he still couldn't take his name without grimacing.
She managed a tiny smile, she knew how it hurt him but she didn't answer.
"Lisa, it was really really nice meeting you again after so long. But I really need to go now. I'm sorry but hey, now that we're here, we will catch up and everything yeah? You take care my pretty lady"
"Buh-bye" a chuckling Lisa said.
She started to move her cart but it hit something solid. His wallet. She looked at it for a minute, finally curiosity got the better of her and she flipped it open. There was a photo of them, in the park as kids. Not knowing what to make of it, she sighed and closed the wallet feeling a little guilty.


She smoothed her dress, a little hesitant to knock at his door.
'Had he gotten married? Of course he would have. What a dumb question that is. Way to go Lee. Did he have children? Did they share his beautiful eyes? Good lord, did I just think that?!'
She exhaled and slowly knocked at his door.
"May I help you?" a lady asked.
"Umm yeah. Is Jack home? I actually have his wallet, I found his address on his business card inside. If he isn't home, it's okay. I'll just leave this with you and -"
"No no, he's just upstairs.  I'll have him come down. Make yourself home ma'am"

Beautiful paintings graced his walls. Abstract, black and white, scenery, all kinds, she had no words. They were captivatingly beautiful. She had reached the end of the hall, there was an adjoining room, the door was almost open. She flicked on the light and she gasped.
Picture after picture and various paintings of her hung from the wall. Kindergarten, high school, picnics, Halloween, she herself didn't have these many photos of her, and here was a room decked from the ceiling to the floor with her pictures.
Just then Jack ran to her side, and opened his mouth to say something, looked at her, stopped.
Several minutes passed.
"After all this time?" she finally managed to mumble out.
"Always" he said, his voice low, but strong.

He wanted to tell her so much. How he loved her. He loved her since the party in kidergarten. He'd always loved her.
She had so much to tell him too. How she had never finally married Will. How in spite of everyone thinking the highschool sweethearts would marry and get old together, Will and her had had a fallout because of his parents. How Will was still the only man she had ever been with, after 10-12 years. How she ran into her basement and stayed there everytime her parents or friends would set her up for dates. How she cried herself to sleep every night feeling alone and wanting bodily comfort.
She had so much to say ...
"It's really really good to see you Jack." she said, with a peck on his cheek before leaving.
But for now, this would do.

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Stay warm and safe.


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