Sunday, August 14

Rakhi Special - Fiction #2

She entered the bus with a unique, or as some would say, a strange mixture of happiness and sorrow with a tinge of,  closure? She sat down in the back, alone. She was armed with a notepad and appeared to be scribbling furiously into it, with her eyes and mind totally in what she was writing, not caring to see around, as many other girls of her age would have.

"Dearest Samir Bhaiyya,
                                        Hiiii !! It's been almost 2 months since I haven't said anything to you. And you might be wondering why I am writing a letter to you when, in a short time, we are going to meet. You know how it is with me and spoken word,no? I want to say a million things but when we finally do meet, I might not be able to speak even a few hundred. So I am penning it all down so that you can know what really is in my mind and heart.
                                   School's been going good. 8th standard was a piece of cake and the whole transition from 8th to 9th standard seems bullcrap to me. I mean what's the big deal about it? We are the same. School is the same. Everything is the same. But you know our school na, always hyping up stuff to scare us which they think is going to result in us studying more. Hahaha,as if! But I digress.....
Ma and Pappa are both fine. They have just recently joined Salsa classes! Yeah, our very own mom, who was so embarrassed to even shake a leg during Ganesh Chaturthi and dad, who thought all this was "nonsense" .. It's weird how time changes people,no? Well anyways they're having a gala time and I'm really happy for them. They've just started going out and become a little more enjoy-till-I-die since the past few weeks. 
                              You know what,bhaiyya,we miss you. I, ma, pappa, even that rude old aunty on the 1st floor who used to keep telling you not to feed the cats blah blah, she too keeps asking about you! Huh :(
                          Well there's nothing much that is left to update you upon. I mean 2 mahine pehle what I'd told you about my music class,friends and all, it's pretty much the same. BTW I was thinking I could really use that old olive green jacket of yours. In the words of the great Maithili, it is "HAWT!" Haha, she really did have a crush on you, that crazy friend of mine. 
                       I guess that's it bro. I love you, soooooo much! And miss you even more. 
                                                                                                          Loads of hugs and kisses, 
                                                                                                                                                    Priya. "

She got down the bus and with an heart breakingly beautiful  smile, walked for about 15 minutes.

"Bhaiyyaaaaaaaa!!! Oh God, you have no clue how much I've missed you!!!" she said with a tear slowly running down.
She laid down the letter among the countless others that she had earlier, places new flowers on his grave, tied a rakhi to one of the flower stems and after whispering "I love you bhaiiyaa" she walked away.

We must strive hard, so hard that the generations to come know the word 'Cancer' as just another zodiac sign.

I hope you brothers really do protect your lovely sisters and I hope all sisters got awesome gifts =D

 Happy Independence Day to Pakistan!! And as Hamza puts it in this post of his here,  "Ao iss saal hum dono apas mei dosti karlein! Ab Larai khatam kro, bus pyaar kro yar " 

Ayushi Di reading my post 'Dark Days' mentioned me in her overflowing with positivity post here. Thank you sooo much Di *tons of hugs* According to me, this is her BEST post! Made me miss him that much more!

Risha Di awarded me here .. Loook! I am there, 7th on the list :"> Thaanku diii ! >:D< This has been her BESTEST post :D. Every single thing written over there made me go "omg that is me. and oh,that too!" Aries Rule \m/

Mehreen picked me Blogger Of The Week here! All those sweet words she used for me :"> Thank you sooo much!! This is her CUTEST post. The cats awwwwwie <3

I was thinking of listing 3 bloggers below every post, in alphabetical order saying why I follow them and listing their fav post according to me. What Say?

Take Care People.
Peace <3

Friday, August 12

[First Attempt!] Sparks Fly,And So They Did! -Fiction #1

Author's Note : If you don't like cheesy, lame fairytale-y things,skip this post and read some other post of mine :)
Oh :/ I hate social gatherings. And I can not even begin to tell you why. 
I feel out of place, I feel alone and mega awkward -__-
Thank God the voices in my head give me company ;)
So here I am at this completely lame-ass party to celebrate my parents' friends' 50th anniversary or some other crap. And I am here because my parents couldn't make it.
Yeah,you read it right. I'm here as a 'representative' of my family. Me!! Hahaha, it doesn't get any more ironic and weird!
Why is that waiter staring at me? Oooh shit,just realized I was speaking aloud.. Hehe, happens to the best of us,no? Doesn't happen with you? Well then you aren't the best :)
God, feeling out of place always makes me say lame things to myself.
Oooh oohh oooohh there's the champagne guy, I think I'm gonna just go ahead and take one!

Okay Shania, calm the fuck down :| If you act this way, everyone's gonna know that this whole mature thing is a fake. Okay breathe in, out,in out.. Whew. These girls make me so nervous. What with their over plucked eyebrows and them fake nails constantly tapping away at their BBs. Hmpf >:p 
Mmmmmmmm .. It's not for nothing that they call this bubbly.
Ugh :/ I've sent texts to atleast 10 of my friends but no bloody person is even replying. I think I'm just gonna wait till uncle aunty cut the damn cake and then leave. I can't stand this awkwardness any more :/
*phone rings* Heyyyyyyy baby! U ill not believe how bloody bored I am. Oh shit, that was too loud.. Erm excuse me.. No no, not you, the waiter, I'm trying to get to the back of this hall. Yeah, hey. No no, I'm alone. It's not funny bitch. You know how I am at these things right? Ur mom's shouting? Ugh .. Do u really have to go? Fuck it man. Allrite, no, its not your fault. Yeah text me if u can. Yeah sure bye.
"Hey There!"
Ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod cute guy alert.. Omg his hair is so goddamn sexy. I would just die to run my fingers through it. Oh shit,shut your mouth. He said something to me didn't he? But what? Goddammit come up with a reply!
"Hi, how you doing?"
Now how hard was that? Idiot. Oh God I hope my face is okay. And why the hell did I not use the serum in my hair???! Oh right, I thought it'd be of no use coz everyone's gonna hate me anyways. This always happens to me :| Ugh!
*with an amused smile* "I am doing good. My name is Rounak, by the way. You here alone?"
"Yeah, my parents couldn't make it. I am Shania."
"Your name is beautiful. Suits you!"
Oh god I am blushing right to the roots of my hair. Oh god save me!
"Thank you so much!"
*pulls off 2 glasses from the tray* "Here.. Nice party isn't it?"
"It's good but I'm afraid I don't really know anybody so ... :/"
"Hahaha thank God! I was so afraid of saying anything bad about this thing coz I thought that you know you'd turn out to be related to these people or something!! Wanna dance?"
Stupid stupid stupid STOOPID! Say yes damn you! Say yes! This doesn't happen everyday u ass. Say yes!
"Sure I'd love to!"

Two dances and 4 glasses of bubbly later, I am viewing this world through this golden haze. God,this Raunak. He not only looks so damn faiiiiiine <3 but is intelligent -thank God!- and he has this way of looking at me which makes me blush like some 13 year old! Oh he's pulling me off to another dance .. He smells amazing too <3 Mmmmmmmmmm......................

So I just got home and hey guess what?! I got his number and we're going for a date on Sunday :) 
I'm not going to jinx it but you know, I feel like this really is it! Feels like I'm living a fairytale <3
Mom keeps asking whats up with this 100000 watt smile but i'm not saying! :D
Dear diary, what would I've done without you?! 
Well I'm now gonna go to bed and dream :) Coz today I found out that sometimes dreams come true.
Sometimes your reality becomes so much better than your dreams :)

Yeah so that was just my first attempt. It was very cheesy I know :P I am going to try and get better :)
Allrite, thanks for reading!

Tuesday, August 2

Ramadan Mubarak .. And then some! :)

Firstly, Ramadan Mubarak to all >:D<
First day was good,thankfully. I thought it'd harder now that there's no school to distract me but it was good!
And no,I'm not a Muslim. I am a Hindu Gujju and last year when I was fasting during 'Moda Khyaat' I was texting my friend Rimsha and when she told me Ramzan/Ramadan was approaching,I got this feeling. You know that feeling in your stomach and you know,you JUST KNOW!
And so last year was the first time I fasted. Now purists may say I didn't really keep 'Roza' and they're right because I don't read the Quran nor do I go to the masjid. I can't!:( But well you do what you have and I'm trying to do all that I can!
Wish you all the very best and I just hope that your all sorrows and other stuff get well soon :)
I'm trying hard to keep a pure mind. It's a little difficult after being used to 11 months of cussing but I'm getting there!
Please pray for one of my friends. His name is Mansoor. He's one of the nicest people I have ever known! You know that people,who are just plain nice?! He's that. And more :) I hope his health gets better,his mind gets clearer and this month just makes him stronger :)

I got into Jai Hind!!!
*does a lame victory dance* I am kind of bad at dancing :P But whatever. It's the thought that counts,no? :D :D 
I am SO happy! But also a little worried. I am a BIG introvert. I become a full-fledged BlahBlaholic once I get comfortable but that uncomfortable period is SO damn awkward :/ I just hope it's you know, good and all that and that I meet real nice F.Y.J.C Arts students there :)

It's just been a month and now I have 37 followers!!!!!!
                           I am OVERWHELMED. 
Actually overwhelmed ka dad I am :D :
I am really really happy! Thank You So Much for showing interest and liking and commenting on my blog  :)
BTW I am younger to almost all of you. And I am new to the blogging world. So any faux pas, stupid designs and layout,anything like that,let me know!
Any suggestions regarding my blog are more than welcome. Genuiinely :)
But don't go out of your way and be mean :P Please!

I got into Pottermore *YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY* If you are  a Harry Potter fan and by fan I mean you have read ALL the books, what you waiting for? Go to and wait for the clue. Then unlock it and register FAST! Only 4-5 days to go. I already registered \:D/ You will be part of that privileged one million from across the globe who, in J.K Rowling's words  will "help shape an online reading experience like no other". Go see the video for more details. My username is : FireboltMahogany201. So damn cool,no? :D Goooo!! :)

That's all for now :)
Take Care & Stay Safe!

P.s I also blog here. It's only for the rhyming kind of  :P poetry stuff that I write :)


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