Tuesday, August 2

Ramadan Mubarak .. And then some! :)

Firstly, Ramadan Mubarak to all >:D<
First day was good,thankfully. I thought it'd harder now that there's no school to distract me but it was good!
And no,I'm not a Muslim. I am a Hindu Gujju and last year when I was fasting during 'Moda Khyaat' I was texting my friend Rimsha and when she told me Ramzan/Ramadan was approaching,I got this feeling. You know that feeling in your stomach and you know,you JUST KNOW!
And so last year was the first time I fasted. Now purists may say I didn't really keep 'Roza' and they're right because I don't read the Quran nor do I go to the masjid. I can't!:( But well you do what you have and I'm trying to do all that I can!
Wish you all the very best and I just hope that your all sorrows and other stuff get well soon :)
I'm trying hard to keep a pure mind. It's a little difficult after being used to 11 months of cussing but I'm getting there!
Please pray for one of my friends. His name is Mansoor. He's one of the nicest people I have ever known! You know that people,who are just plain nice?! He's that. And more :) I hope his health gets better,his mind gets clearer and this month just makes him stronger :)

I got into Jai Hind!!!
*does a lame victory dance* I am kind of bad at dancing :P But whatever. It's the thought that counts,no? :D :D 
I am SO happy! But also a little worried. I am a BIG introvert. I become a full-fledged BlahBlaholic once I get comfortable but that uncomfortable period is SO damn awkward :/ I just hope it's you know, good and all that and that I meet real nice F.Y.J.C Arts students there :)

It's just been a month and now I have 37 followers!!!!!!
                           I am OVERWHELMED. 
Actually overwhelmed ka dad I am :D :
I am really really happy! Thank You So Much for showing interest and liking and commenting on my blog  :)
BTW I am younger to almost all of you. And I am new to the blogging world. So any faux pas, stupid designs and layout,anything like that,let me know!
Any suggestions regarding my blog are more than welcome. Genuiinely :)
But don't go out of your way and be mean :P Please!

I got into Pottermore *YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY* If you are  a Harry Potter fan and by fan I mean you have read ALL the books, what you waiting for? Go to www.pottermore.com and wait for the clue. Then unlock it and register FAST! Only 4-5 days to go. I already registered \:D/ You will be part of that privileged one million from across the globe who, in J.K Rowling's words  will "help shape an online reading experience like no other". Go see the video for more details. My username is : FireboltMahogany201. So damn cool,no? :D Goooo!! :)

That's all for now :)
Take Care & Stay Safe!

P.s I also blog here. It's only for the rhyming kind of  :P poetry stuff that I write :)


  1. Thank you so much for Ramadan Mubarak :)

    May God Bless You ! :D

  2. Congrats on getting into Jai hind. Just yesterday I read about the book "I Will & I Can" by Jai Hind professors traces the history of Jai Hind college and is said to be inspiring.

  3. hehehe man your damn cute! thats wht this post made me feel
    all excited and dancing around..i am sure ones u get fine with the people around you ur introvert skin fades away and u are like this..hahah

    Happy Ramazan!

  4. don't worry !!

    your friend would get better !!hugsss

  5. Wow, you're fasting? I am really amazed by that :)

    InshAllah your friend would be good soon.

    And this blog is amazing, you have a pretty good style of narrating things, so definitely, you deserved these 37 followers. Keep writing, babes!
    Love xoxo ..

  6. You are just like my small cute lil sissy, Niraati. ohh, That's a good name too. :)
    And I whole heartedly pray for everyone's health to get better soon!
    Your blog is prefect for me, and you write really really well. I love all of it. And a Great Ramzaan to you too

    Love, Ur Risha Di :)

  7. Aaawww, that was an aweeesome post. <3 Congrats on getting into the college of your choice. :)

    And I got into pottermore too. First day only. :P ehhe. yaaay!

  8. @ Ridx : Anyytime >:D<

    @ Anil : Yeah even I read about that in BT! Looking forward to reading it :)

    @ Red Handed : Damn,I'm blushing :"> Thank you soooo much >:D< >:D<

    @ Nikita : Hope so. Thanks!! *hugs back*

    @ Nostalgic : Yeah,I am. And thanks. I too hope things get better for him soon :) Awww :"> Again me blushing :D Thaaaanku >:D<

    @ Risha Di : Awww :"> Thank you sooo much! Nirati btw :P Unless you wrote that like I write liiiike just tp ke liye :P Thank you soo much. Awwww :"> Thank you SOOOOO much di!!! >:D<

    @ Sonshu : Awwww thank you!!!! I'm glad you liked it :D Thanks again! Hahaha,yaaay :D

  9. You are in jai hind?? Cool.. I was there not so long back, but in science. And since science and arts people hate each other there, I am supposed to hate you. But your lovely blog kind of makes it impossible you know.. :)
    Keep Writing! :)

  10. I am filling the form tomorrow. Then yeah I will *officially* be in Jai Hind.
    Haha,glad you don't hate me!
    And thank you sooo much >:D<

  11. Ramadan Mubarak :)
    Stay blessed. <3

  12. Congo nirati for jai hind !!! Njoyieee :)
    king kong

  13. @ Asma : Thank you so much and aapko bhi Ramadan Mubarak. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following! :)

    @ Aman : Hey thanks! Aur aapko bhi Ramadan Mubarak >:D< Thank you so much for coming here and following my blog :)

    @ King Kong : Thanks a milll :D >:D<

  14. Hello little sister :)
    I really hope your buddy gets well soon :):)
    Ramadan Mubarak sweety, I loved your post :) you din try those templates ?
    I'll mail you one more link :)

    Love, me :P

  15. Hey Di! >:D<
    Thank You So Much!
    Me Hopes So Too :)
    Shukriyaa >:D< Oh I'm glad you loved it :D :D
    Sure,thanks a million :) !!

  16. 'overwhelmed ka dad'
    nicely put=P

  17. Jai Hind? I'm guessing that's a University right?
    Then congratulations! Woo-hoo! *singing* Someone's going off to college....: )

    I'll say a word of prayer for your friend.

  18. It's so very very awesome of you that you tried fasting for Ramadan - we need more of your sort in a country ridden with people who get all fanatic and crazy about his own religion being the greatest and all that bull.

  19. @ Mimi : It's a college institution , under Mumbai University yeah :) Hahaha thanks Mimi *hugs* Aww thank you soo much :)

    @ Priyanka : Thank you sooo much Priyanka,that's really sweet of you :) And thanks for the follow!! :) Welcome here!! :D
    Yeah,that is SO true :| And lame :|

  20. congrats and good luck ! :)


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