Tuesday, May 29

She Welcomed The Velvety Numbness.

She bit back another retort which had lodged itself onto her tongue at lightning speed. The unreasonable, illogically harsh words cut at her heart. She barely spoke unrestrained herself since the winter 6 years ago.
6 years ago.. When she was taught what happened to little girls who disobeyed her parents. She sub consciously rubbed the marks the lashing whip had left on her hip bones.
She clenched her teeth, her stomach squeezed and she had to hold onto everything to stop acting on her instincts and lashing out. She wouldn't cry. They weren't worth it. Never were.

She had tried running away. They always managed to find her. And she didn't even enough cash to leave this town behind.  She had been prepared for this. She had readied herself, since that incident 6 years ago. Because there was no one she had, who was worth enduring all of this.

She waited till the next day when her wretched father left for work and her so called mother went to buy groceries. Timing was crucial. Timing was everything.

She broke all of the glasses,one by one. She broke the glass bottles, all of them, on her head. The tiny shards pricked her head. They pierced her now blood-stained porcelain skin. Blood erupted from a dozen places. But she didn't stop. This was what she had wanted. The shards of glass were embedded into her skin. A pool of blood now was collected beneath her limp body.

The last bottle did it.. She couldn't move. She welcomed the velvety numbness, as it crawled all over her, suffocating her. She embraced the darkness as it creeped onto her. Her breath came out in short rasps as she waited for it to end. Finally.

"I am not sorry" she managed, before her body finally gave up.

P.S If you wanted a psychological insight into Suicide, check Hazel's latest post here.
P.P.S Isn't that signature cute? All thanks to Valli who writes brilliant poems. Check her blog here!

Thursday, May 24

Drama. So much of it.
I can smell the stench of your wicked thoughts, as they violate the air around me. Your manipulations corrode my ears. Your fabricated lies, seep into my lungs spreading a cancer too deep. Your vile utterances slap at my face, mocking me. Your malign words, scratch at my face like nails on a board. 

-Blahblaholic x

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Friday, May 18

Maria, Oh Maria!

She stared down bravely. She knew what she was doing, rather she had planned this and she would carry on with the plan to the T.

She squeezed her eyes shut and her heart thumped loudly, she could hear her blood ringing in her ears. She sent a silent prayer to the man above, and jumped. Her lithe body, arms gracefully spread like an angel, she crashed into the icy dark waves. Her body tossed & turned like a ragged old mannequin. Her breath came in gasps as the salty water burned her eyes. Her body convulsed and the icy water began to freeze her lungs. She saw herself in kindergarten, performing ballet on the stage. She was 14 and was elected the head of the drama club. Her parents' 50th anniversary. Her first kiss. Her driving license. Her mind started to numb down, she knew it was time to say goodbye. But to whom? Her parents didn't want her. Her sister hated her. And she had no other family.

 'Maria, mariaa' she heard someone call.. Alex! Oh sweet Alex, her love, had come to save her. She pictured his perfect luscious lips, his rock hard abs, his yummy cologne, but he'd gone off with Anne...? Ah! He must have seen the error of his ways. Her body was tossed again and she felt the numbness set in to her very bones. Something warm touched her. Another person... She fluttered her eyelashes, trying to fight the exhaustion, she wanted to look into his electrifying blue eyes..one last time. She struggled and squinted, but she was met with a pool of warm chocolate staring back at her with worry,fear and something else too. Love. It was Zayn. 

She then realized it had been Zayn all along.

-Blahblaholic x

P.S Zayn coz Zayn Malik is drooolicious =D

Tuesday, May 15

Kittens Are Cute. If You Were A Channel,I'd Put You On Mute!

Hello the awesome cute and super supportive people of le blog. I got 190+ followers. WEEEEEE! =D

Who doesn't like kittens? I mean what kind of people think kittens aren't cute? STUPID. Yeah, you read it right. Buddhu log ko hi nahi pasand aate kitttttens <3 And cats. Fur balls xx

It's 5 past one right now, and I'm yawning my mouth out. I'm le tired. Coz I had logic class today.
But I'm happy. I not know why, butbut, I'm just, you know, the reasonless happy!

A colony friend I had lost in touch with, we have gotten close again. Been walking in the colony with her since the past 2-3 days. Fun it is! =D
She's nice and funny and cute and we both are kind of crazy. So yeah! =D

It is crazy ass HOT. But I like travelling. Even if it's nearby. I feel lazy to get out of my house clothes, but once I'm out... =D

Hair is having good days recently. Curly and springy and in le form. It feels good =)

There's an awesome breeze blowing through the French windows at the moment. And it's cool right now. Like I-may-get-a-cold-cool types. 

I am happy. Right now, here, this instant. I don't know why, but I am. And that's a good thing,no?

Which is the one thing that can make you happy? 
Like, when you're maybe having a rough day, what'd YOU do to unwind? To get your mood back on track?


- Blahblaholic x

Monday, May 14

Music Monday #3

I've got some amazing songs for y'all today =)
Orianthi, Khaled and Jessica Riddle!

Song 1 : According To You - Orianthi

"According to you I'm stupid, I'm useless, I can't do anything right,
According to you I'm difficult,hard to please. Forever changing my mind.. 
I'm a mess in a dress, can't show up on time, Even if it would save my life.

According to you, according to you

But according to him I'm beautiful, incredible, He can't get me out of his head
According to him I'm funny, irresistible, Everything he ever wanted"

I love the lyrics and the beats of the song. She's a Greek Australian musician and has a powerful set of lungs on her! =D And I also love the way she plays the guitar.

Song 2 : Aicha by Khaled.

It's an Arabic song, in French. The music is so soothing and beautiful. It makes you feel just nice! Also, translate the lyrics if you want, they're lovely! I think this is THE ONLY song whose lyrics I didn't understand yet I kept listening to it. I discovered the lyrics and the English translation just recently!

Song 3 : Even Angels Fall by Jessica Riddle

"You will fly and you will crawl;
God knows even angels fall.
No such thing as you lost it all.
God knows even angels fall."

Have you seen the movie '10 Things I Hate About You' ? You definetly should. Heath Ledger is legendary. It is such an amazing, brilliant, funny, sarcastic, super awesome movie. And this song <3 Especially the lyrics!

These 3 are all, for now. If you are really interested in music, any genre like rock/metal/pop/country , and you want to trade/talk/take songs, you can say hello to me at : itarin.fabregassoler@gmail.com.

And hey, DO listen to these songs and leave a comment about how you found them!

Wish you a fabulouslyawesome week ahead!
- Blahblaholic x 

Wednesday, May 9

Few Little Things To Be Happy About =D

So one of my posts won the 3rd prize in the Stayfree 'Time to Change' contest hosted by IndiBlogger, YAAY =D I just received my badge today, look to the right of the blog, yep, THAT! =D
This is the post that won me an Amazon Kindle Keyboard.

The IndiRank got updated yesterday and this little baby went from 57 to 79, awwh :') Also, my poetry blog : Teenage Babblings went from a really sad 24 *hides face* to a 58! So yes, good news,this.

Sonshu from sonshus.blogspot.in sent me the giveaway I won and let me tell you, the earrings are PRECIOUS! 

Thank you so much Sonshu <3 :*

My Logic classes started. Ma'am is crazy strict but really good. Like really really good. So good for me! Boards this year. Hasn't really sunken it :$ Bahut mehnat karni padegi ab!

Also, all of you do go wish Aquib on Twitter here, he blogs at "Brand New Day". It's his happy wala birthday today. Weeee =D

This is it, for now. I'm too lazy, but I'll get to typing all my stories here as drafts and post them soon. Okay? Okay!

I changed the title of the blog, does it make sense? Or does it stick out like a sore thumb? :[  Do let me know,alright? BTW you, anyone of you can always e-mail me, tweet to me,anything. Just check the Contact Me Page ^__^

Have a blessed superawesomelykickass week ahead,y'all.
- Blahblaholic x

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Monday, May 7

Music Monday #2

Hello there people! x
So this is the 2nd Music Monday post!

Now, for this post, I'd request you all to keep your prejudice and hate aside, and watch this video with an open mind.

Song of the week : Boyfriend by Justin Bieber.

His voice has changed a lot, for the better! Seems like just yesterday the poor boy was being ridiculed so much. I love the way he talks in this song. His voice = sexxxy!
And when this guy smiles, OMG :P Shit, I'm turning into a total Justin fangirl, hahaha.
Hear this song + watch this video & lemme know what you thought.

My favorite moments :
  •  Whenever hes talking throughout the song <3
  • At the start, 00.17 when he smiles.
  • 00.45, his expression.
  •  00.49, The whole 'swag, swag' part. 
  • 01.23, that smiiile :D
  • 01.36 , his voice+that grin/smile.

The only thing I didn't like was towards the end, it kind of, you know, fizzles out? And that girl with the pout, erm why???!

P.S Not everyone who gets hated upon makes it big. This guy has. And will continue to.
Also, comments on the song, anything is cool. But blind hatred will not be published :]
Have a superfabulouslyamazing week!
-Blahblaholic x


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