Sunday, April 29

55 Words #2

I want somebody like Jacob who can make me feel so safe and warm & love me, she thought aloud as she sat up one late night,doing her homework. 'Bang!' and her brain was splattered all over the wall. Because an Indian living in their neighborhood, they wouldn't take it lightly. And they didn't.


Please excuse the recent posts. I've got loads of fiction warming up my drafts :D And it'll all be published little by little soon!
This blog will be completing one year, on the 1st of July. And I want to gain 200 followers by then. 24 followers to go, hopefully it'll happen *fingers crossed* If not, well, I'm happy with y'all <3

My foot injury, as some of you know, happened way back in November, which hasn't healed yet. Anyway the doctor has advised me to wear proper shoes and take care. Coz this can't be cured/put right. I also got this annoying as crap eye allergy 2 days which made me left eye swell up, itch and hurt and water like crazy. To be honest, I'm kinda at the end of my rope right now. There's just so many things a person can take at one time,yeah? Sigh.

Anyway, my friend Crystal has started a new blog where she is going to post fictional stories/poems/songs/artworks and the blog is --> The Heart Of A Writer
Do check it out. I particularly loved her recent story 'Never Is A Promise' which is incredibly intriguing and her first poem, 'Carla' which I found to be achingly beautiful <3 She's always been there reading my posts and leaving looong, lovely comments. Thank you and may you keep writing! 

For each one who read & commented & checked her blog <3 x

-Blahblaholic x

Tuesday, April 24

Awesome April #Day24

These quotes say more than I ever can!
Books make me smile, they make me cry, they make me laugh, make me hate some characters!
I cried when Sirius died. I laughed through tears when Molly hits Bellatrix. 
I can't describe what role books play in my life. I fell in love with the book world, when I was in 1st grade :]
They're always there for me. Even when I deliberately hide from people, they are close to my heart.
I've cried like crazy when my favorite fictional characters get hurt, have their heart broken, or worse, die.

- Blahblaholic x

Monday, April 23

Inner Demons.

Close to me, so close, that I can smell your breath,
Inhale your intoxicating scent,
Wrap you in my arm, so tight.
Tell you everything once for all,
Plunge, take that jump, unafraid of the fall,
Open up my ugly side to you,
Through my eyes I'll let you glimpse a view.
Hold me through the night,
As my tears fall healing the scars,
Let me know you'll be there for me,
And then I can finally set all my skeletons free.

-Blahblaholic x

P.S I had written this in January, posted it now. Also, if you're interested in reading other poems by me, head to -> Teenage Babblings

Monday, April 16

Music Monday #1

Goood Morning :') It's around 6 am right now and I've just gotten done with organizing my books and clothes and everything coz I wasn't really sleepy =/ Anyways, this is my first Music Monday post, yaaay =D

I've fallen in love with Demi Lovato. I know this album released quite some time back but when I shared these songs with my friends, they recognized Skyscraper but not even one more!

One of the very popular songs is Skyscraper which she rang in relation to her being in rehab for cutting, bulimia, depression, she also got diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and that song gives you strength :)

* "You can take everything I have, you can break everything I am, Like I'm made of glass, like I'm made of paper.. Go on & try to tear me down, I'll be rising from the ground, like a skyscraper!

Then there is 'For The Love Of A Daughter' which has such beautiful words describing her pain. The first time I heard this, I cried =/
* "Four years old with my back to the door, All I could hear was the family war.
Your selfish hands always expecting more, Am I your child or just a charity ward? |Oh father, Please father,I'd love to leave you alone, But I can't let you go.Oh father, Please father,Put the bottle down, For the love of a daughter."

'Unbroken' the entire album comprises of the following songs :
  •  "All Night Long" (featuring Missy Elliott and Timbaland)
  •  "Who's That Boy?" (featuring Dev)
  •  "You're My Only Shorty" (featuring Iyaz)
  •  "Together" (featuring Jason DerΓΌlo)
  •  "Lightweight"
  •  "Unbroken"
  •  "Fix a Heart"
  • "Hold Up"
  •  "Mistake"
  • "Give Your Heart a Break"
  • "Skyscraper"
  • "In Real Life"
  • "My Love Is Like a Star"
  •  "For the Love of a Daughter"
  • "Skyscraper" (Wizz Dumb Remix) 

I also liked All Night Long, Unbroken, Mistake and My Love Is Like A Star. All the songs are definetly worth a listen!
Hope y'all have a pleasant week!
-Blahblaholic x

Sunday, April 15

Awesome April #Day15

Live life on the edge

I want to experience real madness in life, overflowing passion,
I thirst for it like no other.
I want to shed all my inhibitions.
I want to fall in love wildly and experience the love people write about,
I want to live life to the fullest I can, even if I get to live it but in small bouts.
Alone, with you, I want to lose myself in beauty,
I want to dive into a waterfall, watch a meteor shower, watch all fantastic views I can see.
I want to be able to have enough faith in me to leap,dive, jump into whatever my heart says,
I want to be independent enough to live my way.

-Blahblaholic x

Saturday, April 14


I really hope this is true :)

You know that feeling when you don't know anything?
You have been feeling really angry or really upset, but then gradually you just become numb? Yep,that. I'm stuck at that since past couple of days.
I have taken decisions, knowing the consequences, I did what I had to. Atleast according to me!

You know how everyone keeps saying you'll have a rough couple of months, but then things get better? The light at the end of the tunnel? Where is it? 
Life has been kind of crazy,  not the nice kind since LONG.
I lost my wallet after taking my allowance just that day =|, lost more than 1k, had to pay fine because the timings on my train coupons was wrong, I fell down which still hurts when I walk, I had to stay cooped at home all this while, walked with a stick while everybody on the road would look at me like I'm a freak =| .... So forgive me for this rant piece >_<

Last year, around February, I lost my grand aunt. She was ill and very weak but she had survived such a situation previously, so I did not,in the wildest of my dreams,imagine I'd lose her so quickly. Those times were horrible. And now my paternal grandfather is in the hospital!
The doctors are saying it's chemical pneumonia. The food particles got lodged into his food pipe. He's better now,as compared to yesterday. But he's 90, so things are complicated. 

Yesterday I was extremely scared. But right now I'm numb. I broke it up with him, I was sad and guilty and then some time later, numb. What is going on?

But, one good thing HAS come out of all this. I realized who all are really going to be there for me when I need someone. My cousin, she came bearing chocolates and goodies =D, my friend Honey rushed over when she came to know of the break up, my school bestie Tj and her guy came to visit me yesterday ^.^ . Crystal, I hope you read this. She comments on each post and I love the way she tells me the truth, constructively criticizing when needed. I love you <3 :*
I also found two amazing people from Twitter, @Battameez & @WhatTheFloyd. Meez & Pratyancha. They've kinda helped me a lot in the past few days. Knowingly & or unknowingly, they make me not feel bad about what happened, and make me smile. Beeeg thank you! =* <3
@SugarsNSpice is someone a lot of people know. Earlier she was Scribbling Gal. She blogs, she tweets. She's one amazing person I know. She helped me do what I needed,for staying sane. She picks me up when all I want to do is cry. Thank you Di! xxxx

I ranted on Twitter yesterday but got a lot of shit for that even =/ So I guess this is one place I can. Also, because I moderate the comments xD 
Anyway, yeah, that's pretty much it. Things HAVE to get better. I need them to! 
Wish y'all a fun weekend. Take care

-Blahblaholic x

Friday, April 13

Awesome April #Day13

Right now, there are so many things I wish I could ask for!
*I wish you stop missing me, and that you move on soon.
*I wish my foot would just heal fast. I fell on November 21st and it still hasn't healed =|
*I wish my grandpa gets well soon and gets back home. He had to be taken to the hospital today. Let me tell you, the worst feeling on earth, HELPLESSNESS!
*I wish Aarushi, Hemraj,Afreen and other people who aren't equally known, their culprits are caught and punished.

If I sit to wish, I could go and on and on. But I won't. Because I've realized that whatever happens, its supposed to, it's to teach you,you learn,you grow up.
Sad things,bad things,things break you,but you learn how to pick yourself up too.
-Blahblaholic x

Thursday, April 12

Awesome April #Day12

Memories. So many, flying around in front of my eyes,
Right from the first time we made small talk,to break the ice.
The stolen glances, the exchange of numbers, remember that text at 1?
The first date, the comfortable silences that followed, your removing the clip holding my bun,
You carved a special place for yourself, breaking through all my mental walls.
Only with you I'd go on random picnics and *shudders* huge malls!
A dozen scrapbooks wouldn't be enough to fill in your role in my life.
But that was in the past I say to myself, as I move forward in the line, put on a smile and congratulate you and your wife.
-Blahblaholic x

P.S : My life is kind of messed up at the moment. So I haven't really been visiting your blogs, I'm sorry, I'll try and get to them :) Also, thanks to BluBluBling, I can write when I want to coz of this Awesome April series!

Tuesday, April 10

Awesome April #Day 10

"I don't know where I'm going, but I like the direction!" 

So I finally said to myself, who am I kidding? I never wanted a 9-5 job anyway,
I'm going to chase all my dreams, why should it matter what people say?
So I grabbed a duffel bag and filled it with all my clothes, piled up the equipment and hit the road.
I was ready for this, I'd to anything to get there, no matter the load.
And look, I'm a wildlife photographer, been shooting 5 years now,
I party,I go on road trips, I work, I get paid, I'm enjoying my life,and how!
Yes, my parents did receive a lot of flak,
But I've done them so proud, they don't really care, Whenever the same relatives  come home, all my stories they share!
So chase your dreams, hit the road, click photos, or sing songs!
Society will judge you no matter what you do, so believe in yourself & stay strong!

[Day 10 of Awesome April, check out BlubluBling's post here.]
-Blahblaholic x

She Wasn't Asking For It!

Not wanting to sound like a prude, but I do see a little sense into not flashing all of your body every day in front of people. Not because I think it is wrong, or that women should be covered, but because (SADLY), we live in a country where today, half of the rape cases never even see the light of the day. The rape victims undergo so much torture, add to that the insensitivity of the media, the local police and the general public!
But really, is the victim always to blame?

Doesn't this make you mad? SHE WAS EIGHT DAYS OLD, EIGHT!!!
Did she ask for this? Thankfully, this took place in the United States, and the person guilty, David, is being charged of rape and second degree battery. I hope he does get what he deserves!

Was she asking for it????!

At this age, children are supposed to be playing, carefree, enjoying their childhood, and this poor girl was raped! The police arrested the accused, but think of the girl. It is said that when children are raped, because of their young age and their growing bodies, they can sustain a lot of internal injuries. Her parents live in slums, it is not like they would be able to provide her with high facilities for recuperation. I don't know why people do this :( She's a baby!!

Oh God, reading this, doesn't this make you cry?
It makes me genuinely value my childhood. That *touches wood* , nothing like this happened to me.

I agree that now-a-days, a lot of females dress like nobody's watching but if we really are to call ourselves a progressive nations, this is one of the things that we have to deal with!


But the police cannot use this point against us. They are employed to serve us and to ensure justice prevails. If I am raped, irrespective of my sexual history, clothing sense and occupation, I deserve to be heard and attended to. I deserve my culprits being caught. I deserve them being punished. 

How sick?!

Girls need to be educated from early on, because as we all know, there really is no limit to the atrocities by some mad men. No one is spared and no one can be trusted.
Fathers rape their daughters, relatives rape the females, teachers rape and molest the students.. so in the end, the parents, the teachers, they need to teach the boys and girls (boys get raped too), about proper and improper touch. Everyone should be educated regarding what is appropriate and what is not.

My brother's friend has a sister who is studying in first grade. So she must be around 6-7 years old. One day, she came and tells her brother about this one boy in her class. The boy was rubbing his hand on her back and he told her, if you let me touch you, I'll give you my pencil and chocolates.
When I came to know of this, my jaw literally dropped to the floor. We are talking about 6-7 year olds here! This was when we just used to care about playing and making friends and cartoons.
One of the major changes we need in schools is : counselling. All schools are supposed to have a residential or a visiting counselor and I'm sure most of them do, on paper. Sometimes people are scared to come forward, of being judged, they go into the whole "why me? I only must've done something wrong." but if a professional helps them, at the initial stages, it can prevent the shame and stigma that the victims may carry for years.

In India, people are still very hush-hush about learning disorders, about mental retardation, and of course, about sexual abuse and rape.
We need to understand that bad things happen. But it is on us, our parents and our family to help us and bring us up. If I am depressed, someone can alert the teacher, or message my mother. If you notice your friend avoiding meals, throwing up after eating the smallest of things, approach some authority, it could be a fatal eating disorder!
Anorexia, Dyslexia, Depression, Bulimia, Cutting, Being molested or raped, being physically abused can batter your soul. But there are people who can help you. People who have dedicated their lives so they can help correct lives, help you get back on track. If you have problems approaching your parents, contact some 3rd party, a professional might just be able to help you out!

Coming back to the topic on hand, RAPE IS NEVER THE VICTIM'S FAULT!
Even if she is wearing short clothes, that does not mean she is asking for it. If your mind churns out thoughts that way, then you need to see a psychologist.
Rome was not built in a day..Or is it a night? =S
Overnight, the whole mindset of people and society can not change. But we can try altering things, little by little. This series of posts is my drop into the ocean.
Tell your friends, talk to your younger siblings, talk to your parents, even if you explain it to one person, that can create a big difference. So do your bit!

This was my #4 and final post for the Stayfree Advanced 'Time To Change' contest hosted on IndiBlogger.
(You can read #1 here, #2 here and #3 here.)
-Blahblaholic x

Monday, April 9

It's all about the money.. NEWS FLASH : It's not!

Imagine you are raped. You are sexually abused. You are forced to bed a person, against your will. Your world is obviously shattered. You go to the police. But what do they say behind your back? THAT YOU ASKED FOR IT!
Tehelka recently conducted a string operation in Delhi, spoke to more than 30 senior police officials in the Delhi region. 
[Delhi is the capital of India. It is also known as one of the least safe cities, no offence meant :( I've found amazing female friends who stay there,though. :)]

Although this sting operation just exposed the policemen of Delhi, we all need to stop this Mumbai v/s Delhi and all this. In the end, you get raped, I get raped, it does not matter which city we live in!

So, these police officers, they had the freakin' nerve to say things like :

I don't think any female will "ASK" for rape. That is just plain bullshit conjecture. Rape is not consensual. It is called 'rape' for a reason. Even if a husband forces his wife to bed him without her consent, it still is rape!
And if she knows one of the rapists, isn't that worse? That means someone close to her took advantage of her. That would hurt her so much more. It's not like she would go up to any person and tell them rape me!

A month ago, a female from Noida, was raped and the policemen there who are horrible *insert every abuse here* , they disclosed her identity! She's a teenager for God's sake! Imagine your younger sister, your daughter, she is raped, and then, to add salt to her and your wounds, her identity goes public. How would you feel?

Then began the character assassinations and the mud slinging for which we all are so famous for. Women need to learn how to dress, how to talk,how to act to not get raped because after all it's our fault we get raped right? NO!
She had to leave her school obviously. God knows how much suffering she had to undergo. And her name wasn't the only thing disclosed, they even publicly stated her address. How can you do such a thing??! 
[You can read about it here.]

Not so long ago, in Gurgaon, due to the increasing rape cases, the Police stated that no woman should work or be outside beyond 8pm. If she was, she herself would be at blame for any consequences that followed. This is their reply to a gang rape. A 23 year old was gang raped and this is what we do? Put a curfew on the women? I see a little sense to it, it could be like a temporary solution, for a few days till the culprits are caught maybe. It is a remedy, not a cure!
[Read about it here.]

Sunil Kumar - "In these places, you'll find girls who want to do it (get raped) for Rs,1000. They will drink and also have sex with you. The day somebody uses force,it becomes rape."
That is the whole point no? I can have sex with how many people I want to. But when I am forced, it is rape, OBVIOUSLY!

Sub-Inspector Arjun Singh - "If girls don't stay withing their boundaries, if they don't wear appropriate clothes,then naturally there is attraction. This attraction makes men aggressive, prompting them to just do it."
We are called human beings for a reason,yeah? How can you justify rape as a man's aggressive nature? I may be attracted to dozens of people. I can't just force myself on them. These kind of sentences make men believe they can just force any girl to have sex with them just because they find her attractive. What the hell?

Sub-Inspector Malik- "The girl's mother is divorced. She's living with another man of the Yadav community. She's 48 whereas the man is 28. It's inevitable the two daughters will be wayward, isn't it? Now when 2 young girls watch their 48 year old mother sleeping with a 28 year old man, even they'll be aroused. Sex is like hunger."
I don't even words for this. I mean, how atrocious can someone be? Oh God!
And these are the so called protectors of the society. Jeez! -_-

17 out of the 30 police men were convinced that the rapes are rarely genuine. They said they are just ways to make money. Some went as far as saying that when females don't get enough money from their parents, they turn to this and use it as a 'lucrative business'.
[Read more about the whole Tehelka sting operation here.]

This whole mind set needs to change. If the police work itself claims such atrocious things, then whom do the victims turn to? Who will protect them? 
Rape isn't a joke. It can ruin lives. People suicide, they go into depression, half of them are blamed, because their being raped causes troubles for their siblings' marriage proposals and all.
It is high time, atleast our generation, we learn that this isn't something to be toyed with. Rape is one big stigma on our society but the victim is NOT at blame.
Stay safe, don't travel after dark and learn a few self defense techniques, atleast till our police force mans up to the task of catching the rapists and putting them behind the bars!


This is my #3 post for the Stayfree Advanced 'Time To Change' contest hosted on IndiBlogger.
(You can read #1 post here & #2 post here.)
-Blahblaholic x

An Awesome April Post!

[To know more about this, head over to Blublubling's blog, here is the recent post. ]

Remember when you said it's me and you against the world? 
Remember when we'd meet, you'd take me in your arms and swirl me?
It's been a year since I've last seen your face,
And I go live the nightmare each day, the day I begged you and you didn't stay.
It's probably the best for you, I hope you're someplace with someone & you're happy.
And today, after all this time, I'm setting myself free

[This is just something random that I typed looking at this pic. :) ]
-Blahblaholic x

Friday, April 6

Educate a man, and he can earn a proper living. Educate a woman,and she educates the family!

Marathi, which is the official language of my state, Maharashtra became a part of my school syllabus as the 3rd language in 5th. Around 7th standard, we had this chapter which basically said that you educate a man, he can earn his livelihood and provide for his family but when you educate a woman, she educates the whole family.

In Biology or just plain Science, haven't we learnt one thing which, if everybody knew, could just help shut ignorant idiots up?
The mother always supplies an 'X' chromosome.
The father supplies either the 'X' or the 'Y' chromosome. It is not his choice or at will :/ 
The sperm cell (male) determines the sex of the child. 
If it contains an 'X' chromosome, the zygote will be 'XX' = female.
If it contains a 'Y' chromosome,  the zygote will be 'XY' = male.

So many serials, real life stories, we hear about the women being insulted and abused and called names because they have given birth only to female babies. HOW IS IT HER FAULT?

I haven't grown up in an abused or extremely radical and patriarchal environment, so I cannot just proclaim that this is unfair and that all women who are abused should go to the police or something.
But what I CAN do is ask you all, the readers to know this and hold on it.
I know it isn't some startling new discovery, nor is it something that can totally transform all our lives, but who knows when, someday this information will help you, help someone. :)

Schools should impart knowledge regarding this issue, tell all the female students to know this, to know that when they give birth, they should feel proud, not be made to feel ashamed about the gender of the baby!
And the male students, they should understand the working, so when they grow up, they do not commit atrocious and disturbing crimes like infanticide and female foeticide. 

I can try and understand the whole point to having a son. I mean, he'd be there even after marriage (if he chooses to) and could/would support you till you last breath.
But how does this in any way mean that you ruthlessly kill your wives/your sisters/females just for the beautiful and divine act of giving birth, just because of the baby's gender?
How dare you kill the child growing in her womb because you find out it's a girl?
What wrong has that poor soul done? 

Writing/Talking/Reading about this is not enough. We need to know what is right, what our basic human rights are and we need to impart this to our children, or need be, even our elders!

This is my #2 post for the Stayfree Advanced contest hosted on IndiBlogger
(You can read the #1 post here.)
- Blahblaholic x


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