Monday, November 14

Always A Part Of Me.

There are some people that come into your lives, and just pass leaving behind only a faint fragrance of their being.
And then there are some that transform your life and turn it into a kaleidoscope of colors. 

As Holly says in P.S I Love You,
"That'll be the end."
"The end of what?"
"Of life as we know it"

This is dedicated to you, who impressed on my heart, loads of things. Opened my mind to new ideas. To the people whom I first felt a little for.
We may not have lasted. Our story may not even have begun... But you're in my heart.

" Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall into place "
Maybe we just weren't meant to be. Maybe, despite what you or I, or we both thought, it wouldn't have worked out. 

And I just want you to know, that there is a part of me that has never stopped liking you. A part of me which wants you to like what I do or say because you're a part of me too.
This may not make sense. Actually it doesn't. All I want you to know is, I loved you. :)

Take care
Blahblaholic ♥ ©

Wednesday, November 2

Happy Birthday Shah Rukh Khaaan! ♥

“I don’t sit around complaining about the lack of good roles. I will play Raj 85 times and still make him different.”
“I’d die if people didnt recognise me. I would not be able to walk on the road if people didnt mob me. That’s what I work for.”

2nd November. We all know it is Happy Birthday Shah Rukh Khan day.
This post is merely the tip of an iceberg of the immense respect and love I have for SRK. Really :)

This kid has turned 46 today!
I was in first standard. Since I was a kid, summer vacations meant going to Surat and A'bad. Surat mein my mom's eldest sister, husband their 2 daughters stay. We used to have an amazing time there with both didis and their doggies. :D 
Didis' room ka walls were covered with SRK posters. The elder one, she LOVED him like crazy. The younger one liked him, not so much. BTW, elder younger yes, but both are elder to me.
So, I literally grew up watching SRK movies.
Baazigar, Kabhi Ha Kabhi Na, Karan Arjun and hello Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge ♥, Yes Boss, Dil Toh Pagal Hai, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai ♥ , Mohabbatein, Josh, Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani ♥, Asoka, Devdas ♥, Chalte Chalte, Kal Ho Na Ho ♥, Main Hoon Na ♥, Veer Zaara ♥ , Swades ♥, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Don \m/ , Chak De India! ♥, Om Shanti Om, [Please note,due to heart over-use :P, I'm not pasting any more hearts though some of the following movies are my favorite] , Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, My Name Is Khan *RESPECT* , RA.One.
^ And that is not even a complete list. There is Dar, and other many movies but I haven't really seen more than these all. So haven't mentioned them here.

My mom-dad are not really big movie buffs. My dad was one, till he was about 25 or so. Then he got really serious and all :/ And now he watches or atleast wishes to watch only certain type of movies which move/motivate/inspire him to do and be better. But hello, I'm his daughter :D So I've shown you loads of dumb, as some would say torturous movies. Aakhir, yeh main ni karungi, toh kaun karega?! Mera haq banta hai :D 

Recently when I joined this one group on FB, I was asked when did I start loving SRK and his movies. The point is, I always have been one. There is no one wow moment when I realized his awesomeness. I always have been, am and will be a ShahRukhKhanaholic. :)
A few years ago, Orkut was "THE" place to be. I came in very late though as I had heard shit about the site. But I joined it. My first unknown friend was Abhi. And then, through him I met Niyu Di, Shilpi Di, and so on and on and on. I met this whole group of people who loved SRK and they were not just blind crazy fans, they were unique awesometastic individuals. And among them, I've found some of the sweetest, funniest people. :)
I also found HIM *turns red* thanks to Orkut and SRK sir. My best guy friend in school is a SRK fan. 

It took him 5 years to make Ra.One. True, some parts of it were disappointing. I'm saying this on basis of what I've heard because I'm yet to see the movie. But such bashing????
It has suddenly become "cool" to hate on Shah Rukh Khan. 
Soo much negativity on Twitter, messages, blogs, .. If you go out of your way just to insult/abuse/poke fun at him, that speaks volumes about you and your mind. Why would you publish long blogs just to insult him? How is that getting you anywhere? 

Shah Rukh Khan is a self made man. He has come a long long way just because of his hard work and endless amount of passion, energy and dedication towards his work. Have you seen him at all those award shows? He moves, he dances, he laughs, he has an larger-than-life persona on screen, such wit, such charm, such energy. We all are not even half his age and we act so lazy. 

WOW *droooools*
He has millions of fans all over the world. You know why? Because he exudes a level of innocence, of knowing that he deserves this only because he knows how hard he has worked for it. He has a severe back problem but that has NEVER stopped him from doing all sorts of crazy stuff.

He makes me smile. His dimples, his hair, his ability to poke fun at himself, his energy, his willingness to do anything and everything, his charm, oh boy, his charm! *drools*

I Love Shah Rukh Khan. Always have, I do, and always will. Takes guts to invest such a huge number in a super hero movie. And come Christmas, Don 2 will kick some serious ass!

Happy Bday SRK. My idol, my inspiration, my only favorite Bollywood Actor. :)
May you have many many many manyyy more. :)
Wish you a Khantastic year ahead!

“The dream I chased, took me on a journey. A journey more rewarding then the goals, the achievements. When I look back it’s like facing a million mirrors. Each reflection opens a window. A window to the world I’ve just discovered. The world I want to share with all of you ”

Thank You for giving me so much love, that I don’t miss my parents anymore”

Take care
Blahblaholic ♥ ©


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