Sunday, June 1

Remember Me?

You gave me your jacket that windy day we went horse riding
And clasped my hand tight running downhill when we couldn't hear anything 
except the wind and the blood rushing in our heads.
We laughed through the pants and the gasps till our sides hurt
Then we ate too many mini strawberry sundaes 
and played charades with everybody on the bus.
I guessed that movie you had completely made up, and your friends were mad.
The day I couldn't stop crying, you sat with me through breakfast, lunch and karate class patiently as I spoiled your favourite white shirt.
The twins kept telling everybody how it was a relief that she was gone 
but I had you and we missed her together.
You slept with my hands in your hair on the bus our way home
And during the pit stop we shared the cotton candy you bought for me, 
claiming you hated it and didn't want one for yourself.
We were so young and naive and quite cute.

I wonder if we have ever crossed paths these past seven years. I wonder what you look like now. I wonder if you ever think about me. Do you even remember me?

Sunday, May 25

I've been thinking

I stopped blogging because I used to think this post isn't what anybody would like to read, or who would want to read about my boring life when there are hundreds out there who climb mountains and sail the oceans everyday and this post is a conscious effort on my part to stop doing that. It's my blog. You signed up for this, enjoy now.

  • I came out as bisexual to my parents earlier this year. Currently I'm not sure if bi or pan suits me better, so I'm just going with queer.
(Update: I think pansexual suits me better, so that's that for now.)
  • I am seeing a counsellor to help me basically with my self esteem and trust issues which she too, underlined as the 2 most important ones, along with all the other bullshit that wrecks my head up.
  • I got my nose pierced on the right side and got one more ear piercing each, so total 5 wheeee! 
  • I'm actually started appreciating myself more as of late. I'm not completely on the 'self loving' level yet, but I'm trying.
  • I was NOT ready for the season finale of spn s9. 
  • I am no longer afraid of social dancing. I actually quite enjoyed it. To be fair, I'm pretty new at this. Last week was my 4th party ever.
  • I've gotten better with people. I made a new friend that party night.
  • I got loads of fandom gifts on my birthday in April so that is really great news!
Here's a quote and a selfie with the nose ring to end this blessed post.

Be back soon x

Tuesday, January 14


She thought of all the lullabies she would never sing, 
as she idly kicked the empty swing.
She reminisced about the aeroplane noises she'd never make,
and all the precautions she would never be told to take. 
She felt a shuddering cold,
As she thought of the parental role into which she'd never mould.
Discarded onesies lie wasted in the room,
Damp with tears, enveloped in gloom.
She sobbed as she thought of all the stories she would never tell,
Just because she let her guard down once, and down she fell.


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