Thursday, July 26

I'm Trying!

I'm trying hard to start afresh, to leave things what happened where they belong, in the past.
I don't want to end up like some emotional baggage wali woman in some movie. :P

"If you let go a little, you will have a little peace. If you let go a lot, you will have a lot of peace."


I don't regret it. I don't regret us, I never could. It was lovely while it lasted. =) 

Excuse the face :P Read what it says!
I hope it's true. I hope things start working out.
I need em to ..

This makes me sad as well as happy.
At the moment, I don't know.
Bad things and time doesn't really pass as fast as you'd wish for it to! Sigh.

Also, deaths change people. Why can't some bitches get that? Just because I'm sometimes low  doesn't make me a loser. Your branding me that surely makes YOU one! 
I hope you are happy but I swear I can't let this one go. Who the heck irritates and give crap advice when someone is grieving? You do. Aaaaaaaaargh x_x

P.S I know I've been not commenting or visiting any blogs. I'm sorry, I mean it!
I'm unwell and college is on, traffic, rain and add to that classes and everything.
I'll try to be back as soon as I can. =)

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Wednesday, July 25


"By the way, two wars are are in an endless state of sorrow. Egypt about burned to the ground, and all you people care about is my bullshit... Pathetic!
Shame, shame, shame." 
- Charlie Sheen.

This man has been portrayed as this alcoholic polygamous sex addict. Maybe he even is, I wouldn't know, but then is that all there is to him?
I'm not a fan or something (though I loved him in Two and a half men! :D) , but I'm just saying. Think about it!

Winnie The Pooh's Story.

Remember the yellow/golden cuddly bear on TV named Winnie? Do you know that it was inspired from a REAL bear? No? Well, read on! =)

'En route to a training camp in Quebec during World War I, Canadian army lieutenant Harry Colebourn bought a bear cub for $20 from a hunter in White River, Ontario.
He named her Winnipeg, after his hometown, and smuggled her to England, where “Winnie” became the mascot of his militia regiment.
Eventually he donated her to the London Zoo, where she became a great favorite of Christopher Robin Milne, the son of a local playwright.'

And we all know what happens next!

Have a brilliant week! Stay safe

Sunday, July 22


It's my friend Saturn's Budday today. <3 
Happy Birthday my Saturnian! 

Your stealing cheese off my toast, poking your cheeks, fail Bluetooth shares and creepy Supernatural scares,
Draco Malfoy's hotness and canteen k Chinese ka mess,
Naturals ice cream and Twix,
And broken chains ko not even trying to fix,
The Fan fictions I never read :P,
And laughing over what lame people behind us said.
To medu vadas that are apparently uncooked coz they are white,
Arguing over silly stuff, not having a lame fight.
Getting lost at Dadar, and spending hours like a fool, Being a Potterhead, which OBVIOUSLY means we're so cool B|

Here's to you being seventeen. To loads of Paneer Schezwan and Chilli Cheese Toast, to Marine Drive, to writing all over the page during class, to laughing when she got caught and thinking the Winchesters rock and Rowling is our queen.


Much, much, much love.

Friday, July 20


" .. And that was the end of my hair problems!" Maira ended, which was followed by great exclamations, encouraging whoops and applause.
She exited the stage and happened to bump into a fairly good looking young woman. 
"It's m'am to you" came the quick reply from somewhere in the crowd surrounding this famous beauty.
"Wait, have I seen you somewhere?" Niki asked Maira.
"Figure it our yourself Miss Bully" she muttered under her breath and left.

Niki was bewildered for quite some time .. Firstly she was late and she missed the chance of interviewing Miss Universe 2012 Maira, she was sure to get it tomorrow at the office. But that, strangely enough, wasn't what was nagging at her mind.. 'What did she mean by that sentence? Bully? What's she talking about?' Niki thought, as she got out of the lift, walking towards her house.

She entered to see her roommate stretched on the couch, watching television. The channel was broadcasting Maira's interview/press conference.

" .. and hey, I didn't get here unscathed. I was bullied. In school, oh yeah, don't gasp or look at me like that, I was bullied. But I wasn't all that fat, or ugly, and I wasn't hit, well then what happened? Let me tell y'all.
I was the only girl in my class who never did anything to my hair. I had pretty decent black locks which went down my lower back, which I always kept braided or tied up in a ponytail whenever I left home.

My parents were pretty conservative, not the type to keep me in the dark about boys and growing up and everything, but I wasn't raised up in a surrounding that made me want to experiment and color my hair. Among all the straightening, curling, bonding, streaking and dyeing, my hair was always the constant. Now a lot of girls kept getting mad at me because the teachers would always reprimand them, but since there was no such rule that said we couldn't do whatever we wanted with our hair, they could do nothing but lecture the class. The teachers would often take my name as an example, but hey, I wasn't some teacher's pet or anything. Far from it" Maira said, and giggled, her endearing dimples on display.

"I went to parties, I played basketball, I studied too, but was pretty average. The girls in my class would put chits into my bag calling me names, they would prank call at my house at times too.
So this goes out to every girl who oils her hair because she's not scared of being branded a behen-ji or boring. To that girl who doesn't fall prey to whatever the current hair fashion is. To that girl who ties her hair up simply. To every girl out there watching, who has being laughed upon because of her plaited hair, I survived it, and came out strong. And so shall you!" Maira stated, the audience captivated by her story.

" That was then and now? Well I am here, in a press conference midst hundreds of people, and forget what those girls do for a living, I have almost forgotten their names and faces even! Life is hard. But the fruits of labor, of having dealed with crap people, it is worth it!" she concluded.

"Maira, what exactly do you do to maintain your hair?" a journalist asked.

By now, Niki was gaping at the screen, Maira was the girl she had bullied? This exotic looking beauty? She'd never realized how her actions could've affected someone. She removed the plug out of the socket and ran into her room.. She felt horrible. Her only solace was the thought that Maira deserved all of it. The hair, the beauty, the fame..

This an entry for the "... and that was the end of my hair problems!" contest by Dove on Indiblogger. This is their 'Hair Aware App' which not only checks how much you know about your hair, but also suggests the Dove shampoo&conditioner range best suited for your use. 

My mane tale.

All the images used in this post are of my own. They haven't been edited in any way. Any change in complexion/color is due to the angle/light source. Please excuse my amateur photography! :P

"Curly hair, just like her mothers'!" ..
I was born blessed with springy curly hair, which is now reduced to wavy, half curly hair thanks to pollution, stress, damage and everything.

My curly hair came with a different set of problems altogether. 
  • No conditioner and it is really harsh and dry.
  • Sometimes even a little conditioner and it turns my hair and scalp greasy.
  • Hair takes ages to dry. A-G-E-S!
  • My hair looks dry, but the part near my scalp, which is on the inside does not dry in the normal 2 hours it takes for the rest of my hair to dry.
  • If I wash my hair on the eve or the morning I have to meet somebody new/special or on any occasion, there is NO GUARANTEE they'll turn out the way I want them to. They turn out differently after every wash. OhYeah
I was happy with my brand of shampoo and conditioner, I never had any split ends or any grave problems as such.
My hair is very voluminous which sucks at times because I can't leave it open.. That way, it poofs up even more and it's not a pretty sight >_<
Anyhoo, so yeah there was a little hairfall, during exam times filled with coffee and late nights, I'd have a flaky scalp but I considered it normal.. It is,no?

Once, during my exams, I was staying at my cousin's place in town. My hair felt really icky and so I washed it with the shampoo&conditioner she had, Dove.
I always knew Dove was really gentle but since I was happy with my hair, I never tried out any different brands.

I washed my hair with Dove, and conditioned it. I never blow dry my hair, so I gently towel dried it and waited for it to dry completely.
2-3 hours later, I looked into the mirror, and WHOA! My hair looked better, it was shining, the volume was much greater and it felt really soft to touch too.
Bas, one wash and I fell in love! One wash, and that was the end of my hair problems!

Since then, I have been using Dove's range of hair products, I used the 'Nourishing oil care range' , then, since my Dove Gift Hamper got here, I've been using Dove Intense Repair. So far, so great! :D

Good hair not only makes you feel better about yourself, it makes you happy. Good hair days make me HAPPYMAX! =D 

* Curly, straight or wavy hair,
Oil them, wash them, treat them with care.
Satin shine and cotton soft,
Cherish your tender locks.
Traditional recipes, or new age products,
Being mild and gentle is a must.

* Happy with what I had, I never looked for better,
Then I chanced upon something new,
Which changed my world, changed my view.
Dove made me see my hair a different way,
I can't express in words no matter how much I say.
My curls soft, like they'd never been before,
Mild, fragnant, amazing, I need nothing more!
Dove is Love.

This an entry for the "... and that was the end of my hair problems!" contest by Dove on Indiblogger. This is their 'Hair Aware App' which not only checks how much you know about your hair, but also suggests the Dove shampoo&conditioner range best suited for your use. 

Thursday, July 19

Quotes Love #1

Everything that you or I do, it has a reason. A big reason, a small reason, a reason we announce to the world, a reason we keep buried within our hearts, but it DOES have a reason.
People change, relationships do too, and you cry, and suffer and realize that this is ALWAYS going to happen. Whether you like it or not!
And I know the last line is true. Some crushes, infatuations, they don't work out, why? Because something better is in store for you! (And me too :P)

This is me! =P
I'm selfish sometimes, and I'm insecure too.
I've made a hell lot of mistakes, I could write a book about them, or two!
I am impulsive and when the inner bitch is unleashed, I will rip you apart with my words. It's not a thing to be proud of, I know. And I don't really tear people to pieces unless you REALLY REALLY do something horrible to me, or people I care for.
And yes, recently I have begun to understand that I should always respect MYSELF first, I am who I am, I'm trying to be better, stronger, but,
 if you can't handle my mood swings, you don't deserve me being there for yours!

Wish you all a beautiful, sensible, safe Monday and the week ahead!

Monday, July 16

"You are so beautiful mom"

" .. But momma, why did they trouble you? You are so beautiful mom"
"Aww, thank you sweety. And they used to enjoy troubling me because when momma was a little girl, for 2-3 months, momma didn't have the hair she has now.. I was bald honey, and they used to enjoy poking fun of it, and me."

" .. One day, as Kayla, Josh and their friends were making fun of me not having hair, a small boy, about my height, came over to me and told them that he found me beautiful.." she said wistfully.
"And you won't believe how red, just like a tomato she'd turned!" Nathaniel added, with a laugh.
"Dadddyyy, you aa home" Lily squealed, running to hug him.

"Then what happen mommy?" Lily asked, settling comfortably on her father's lap.
"That boy and I soon became really close friends, he was the only one who would help me, sit beside me during lunch. In a week or two, we were practically inseparable. He was the first person outside my family I told that I had cancer and --"
"What is cancer mom? Is it like cooties?"
"It's a disease love. You will learn about it more in school when you grow up, okay? And I don't have it anymore, so you needn't worry." she added, reassuring her daughter.

"One day the bullying took a turn for the worse, and my best friend found me near the music room, crying my eyes out. I still remember the way he hugged me tight. It made everything seem bearable.. And then, then he told me he loved me. And I told him I love him too!" she completed, the beginning of a blush evident on her face.

"Then what mom?"

"He took me to his house that day. The two of us, hand in hand, walked up to his mom's room, where she managed a saloon. Apparently he had told her about me. And guess what Lily?" she asked, a grin illuminating her face.

"His mom had tons of wigs. Of so many styles and colors. His mom took a liking to me, and she made me sit on her chair for hours, and she set wig upon wig onto my head, till she was finally satisfied with how I looked. She gave me shoulder length curly hair. And let me tell you, I WAS IN LOVE! The way my curls swayed with every step I took, the way they would wrap themselves around my finger as I ran my fingers through my hair .. I can't thank her enough."

"We still have it Lil, come look" Nath said, opening the small drawer to reveal a curly haired wig.

"Then what happened mom?" the bright eyed 7 year old asked.
"Haha, she was slowly accepted by people at school hon, and in 2 months, her own hair grew out and she no longer needed the wig" Nath spoke.
"Slowly, everyone almost forgot about that year. My hair grew long and I made new friends, but his mom, if she wouldn't have been there, I'd probably not be here. She helped me when I really needed it and --"
"and that was the end of my hair problems!" Nath finished, trying to mimic her voice.

"Daddy, you are crazy! Who was that boy mom?"
"Yes Nath, but only my hair problems, but school, and actually all my problems. And baby, it was no one but your mad goofy dad!" she ended with so much love in her eyes.
"Aww, you two are the bestest pawents ever. That is so cute mommy. And daddy you were so nice. I also want someone like that.." Lily said.
"Not until you're 20" Nath said sternly, as Mary burst out laughing. "20? Really? But I always knew this would happen. Hahahaha, hilarious"
"Hilarious, oh I'll show you hilarious. And you too Lil, joining on your ma's team eh? Here comes the tickle monster...!" Nath shouted, as Lily tried to wriggle out in vain and tickled her and his gorgeous wife till they cried of laughter.

(I wanted to use a non celeb, but it might become a copyright issue. So yeah, imagine this hair, minus the face :P)
This an entry for the "... and that was the end of my hair problems!" contest by Dove on Indiblogger. This is their 'Hair Aware App' which not only checks how much you know about your hair, but also suggests the Dove shampoo&conditioner range best suited for your use. 

Sunday, July 15

Of Birthdays & Cakes !

9th July was my younger brother's 14th birthday, and yesterday the 14th, was my mother's birthday!

This is my mumma's cake. And yes, the sole purpose of this is to make you want  crave for chocolate cakes. Gooey yum choco cakes *maniacal evil laughter*

I just realized how cheesy-ly I'd written about them, here and here, when I first started blogging.
If I had to write about my family now, it'd be SO different and I know this because in my mind, I already did compose what I would write if I had to. So yeah. :D

This is what we had last night. Muhahahaha xD
Enjoy, or dont! ;)

Take care & stay safe & warm. 

Wednesday, July 11

HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY !! (long overdue)

On  the 1st of July 2012, my blog completed one year. ONE WHOLE YEAR!
I started writing over here just to vent out and voice my opinions, and today, a year later, I have written fiction, won a contest and people actually read what I write.
Such a joy it is when people read you, the feeling you get, that whatever you want to express, convey, someone out there is reading you, whatever you say, you're being read.

Writing a blog, publishing a post is like sipping hot chocolate. But comments, and feedback are like the extra sprinkles on top, or the gooey melt-in-the-mouth marshmallows served with it.
They make my day! 

So here's to all of you, the people who read me.
The people who are my friends and stop by occasionally, the friends I made on Blogger, the people who leave by lovely sweet comments, the people who help me write better, correct me, the Indiblogger site as well as the people I met at the meet and last but not the least all the people who read but never comment. :P

And here's to more blogoversaries!
To fictional posts & poems.
To contests that inspire you to write.
To Blogger friends who sometimes understand you better than friends in real life.
To I-love-your-blog emails and tweets.
To loong comments that make you go wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
To more readership&blog traffic.
And to writing!



P.S. : Loads of coolsomelyfabulous bloggers and friends who enjoy writing have been invited to guest post on the blog. So stay tuned to read people you may know or have seen previously over here.
Butbut, first I have something really cool (atleast in my mind) for the Dove contest. Inspired me like crazy. You'll be seeing loads of me on the dashboard soon.


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