Friday, July 20

My mane tale.

All the images used in this post are of my own. They haven't been edited in any way. Any change in complexion/color is due to the angle/light source. Please excuse my amateur photography! :P

"Curly hair, just like her mothers'!" ..
I was born blessed with springy curly hair, which is now reduced to wavy, half curly hair thanks to pollution, stress, damage and everything.

My curly hair came with a different set of problems altogether. 
  • No conditioner and it is really harsh and dry.
  • Sometimes even a little conditioner and it turns my hair and scalp greasy.
  • Hair takes ages to dry. A-G-E-S!
  • My hair looks dry, but the part near my scalp, which is on the inside does not dry in the normal 2 hours it takes for the rest of my hair to dry.
  • If I wash my hair on the eve or the morning I have to meet somebody new/special or on any occasion, there is NO GUARANTEE they'll turn out the way I want them to. They turn out differently after every wash. OhYeah
I was happy with my brand of shampoo and conditioner, I never had any split ends or any grave problems as such.
My hair is very voluminous which sucks at times because I can't leave it open.. That way, it poofs up even more and it's not a pretty sight >_<
Anyhoo, so yeah there was a little hairfall, during exam times filled with coffee and late nights, I'd have a flaky scalp but I considered it normal.. It is,no?

Once, during my exams, I was staying at my cousin's place in town. My hair felt really icky and so I washed it with the shampoo&conditioner she had, Dove.
I always knew Dove was really gentle but since I was happy with my hair, I never tried out any different brands.

I washed my hair with Dove, and conditioned it. I never blow dry my hair, so I gently towel dried it and waited for it to dry completely.
2-3 hours later, I looked into the mirror, and WHOA! My hair looked better, it was shining, the volume was much greater and it felt really soft to touch too.
Bas, one wash and I fell in love! One wash, and that was the end of my hair problems!

Since then, I have been using Dove's range of hair products, I used the 'Nourishing oil care range' , then, since my Dove Gift Hamper got here, I've been using Dove Intense Repair. So far, so great! :D

Good hair not only makes you feel better about yourself, it makes you happy. Good hair days make me HAPPYMAX! =D 

* Curly, straight or wavy hair,
Oil them, wash them, treat them with care.
Satin shine and cotton soft,
Cherish your tender locks.
Traditional recipes, or new age products,
Being mild and gentle is a must.

* Happy with what I had, I never looked for better,
Then I chanced upon something new,
Which changed my world, changed my view.
Dove made me see my hair a different way,
I can't express in words no matter how much I say.
My curls soft, like they'd never been before,
Mild, fragnant, amazing, I need nothing more!
Dove is Love.

This an entry for the "... and that was the end of my hair problems!" contest by Dove on Indiblogger. This is their 'Hair Aware App' which not only checks how much you know about your hair, but also suggests the Dove shampoo&conditioner range best suited for your use. 


  1. I loved both ways you used this line, one for a story, and one for yourself.

    I think all of us ladies can relate to this post, especially the fact that our hair turns out different after every wash, sometimes perfext and other times not so much.

    Best of luck!

  2. Thanks Kiara! :D

    Haha, Ikr! It's so sad when I wash it thinking I'll look my best and it doesn't really turn out that way. :P



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