Monday, July 16

"You are so beautiful mom"

" .. But momma, why did they trouble you? You are so beautiful mom"
"Aww, thank you sweety. And they used to enjoy troubling me because when momma was a little girl, for 2-3 months, momma didn't have the hair she has now.. I was bald honey, and they used to enjoy poking fun of it, and me."

" .. One day, as Kayla, Josh and their friends were making fun of me not having hair, a small boy, about my height, came over to me and told them that he found me beautiful.." she said wistfully.
"And you won't believe how red, just like a tomato she'd turned!" Nathaniel added, with a laugh.
"Dadddyyy, you aa home" Lily squealed, running to hug him.

"Then what happen mommy?" Lily asked, settling comfortably on her father's lap.
"That boy and I soon became really close friends, he was the only one who would help me, sit beside me during lunch. In a week or two, we were practically inseparable. He was the first person outside my family I told that I had cancer and --"
"What is cancer mom? Is it like cooties?"
"It's a disease love. You will learn about it more in school when you grow up, okay? And I don't have it anymore, so you needn't worry." she added, reassuring her daughter.

"One day the bullying took a turn for the worse, and my best friend found me near the music room, crying my eyes out. I still remember the way he hugged me tight. It made everything seem bearable.. And then, then he told me he loved me. And I told him I love him too!" she completed, the beginning of a blush evident on her face.

"Then what mom?"

"He took me to his house that day. The two of us, hand in hand, walked up to his mom's room, where she managed a saloon. Apparently he had told her about me. And guess what Lily?" she asked, a grin illuminating her face.

"His mom had tons of wigs. Of so many styles and colors. His mom took a liking to me, and she made me sit on her chair for hours, and she set wig upon wig onto my head, till she was finally satisfied with how I looked. She gave me shoulder length curly hair. And let me tell you, I WAS IN LOVE! The way my curls swayed with every step I took, the way they would wrap themselves around my finger as I ran my fingers through my hair .. I can't thank her enough."

"We still have it Lil, come look" Nath said, opening the small drawer to reveal a curly haired wig.

"Then what happened mom?" the bright eyed 7 year old asked.
"Haha, she was slowly accepted by people at school hon, and in 2 months, her own hair grew out and she no longer needed the wig" Nath spoke.
"Slowly, everyone almost forgot about that year. My hair grew long and I made new friends, but his mom, if she wouldn't have been there, I'd probably not be here. She helped me when I really needed it and --"
"and that was the end of my hair problems!" Nath finished, trying to mimic her voice.

"Daddy, you are crazy! Who was that boy mom?"
"Yes Nath, but only my hair problems, but school, and actually all my problems. And baby, it was no one but your mad goofy dad!" she ended with so much love in her eyes.
"Aww, you two are the bestest pawents ever. That is so cute mommy. And daddy you were so nice. I also want someone like that.." Lily said.
"Not until you're 20" Nath said sternly, as Mary burst out laughing. "20? Really? But I always knew this would happen. Hahahaha, hilarious"
"Hilarious, oh I'll show you hilarious. And you too Lil, joining on your ma's team eh? Here comes the tickle monster...!" Nath shouted, as Lily tried to wriggle out in vain and tickled her and his gorgeous wife till they cried of laughter.

(I wanted to use a non celeb, but it might become a copyright issue. So yeah, imagine this hair, minus the face :P)
This an entry for the "... and that was the end of my hair problems!" contest by Dove on Indiblogger. This is their 'Hair Aware App' which not only checks how much you know about your hair, but also suggests the Dove shampoo&conditioner range best suited for your use. 


  1. Nice looking hair changes your entire personality, your whole look.

    1. I totally agree!
      Thanks for commenting. :] x

  2. Oh my goodness what a very sweet story I nearly cried! What a wonderful ending!

    1. I feel so good Crystal, that was how I would want people to feel on reading this.
      Thankyou! <3 xx

  3. Wow!...Lovely cute story Nirati <3
    All the best for the contest :)

    1. Thanks a lot Valli!
      Thank you, and I wish you the same! :D x

  4. Very sweet.. Just loved it :)

  5. this is awe at times ! All the best for the contest

  6. Such an awwww moment. I feel all warm and fuzzy now :D

    1. Thanks a lot Nina! I'm glad you did, that was what I wanted people reading this to feel.
      Thankyou! <3 xx

  7. Hey, don't forget about my guest post ;)

    P.S. Someones a little Psudeo-Inspirational today :P


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