Friday, June 22

Footprints In The Sand.

And in the end, all that is left behind, of us, are our footprints in the sand. 
Until the wind blows them away and new ones replace the old.
Just like memories.


Monday, June 18

Know Me A Little More!

Why? Coz this is ME! Also, aivai. :P
 Ridx :) tagged me and here is my post!

1. Have you ever written (or started to write) a book?
 Yes, I did start, when I was around 12, and then left it after a chapter or two. Have a lot of ideas, will start again soon. :D
2. What one thing confuses you most about men/women?
  There is no one such thing, or quality that confuses me. People in general usually confuse or weird me out!
3. What would you do if you had a million dollars?
  Buy all Crossword shops :P Put the money into a bank and maybe buy a comfortable house for my parents.
4. If your life was a song, what would the title be?
  She Lived. Bas!
5 Are you good at Chess?
  Nope. I have tried my hand at it 4-5 times and no, it is SO not my cup of tea! *shame face*
6. Would you rather be rich or healthy?
  Rich. That way, unless I have some incurable disease, I can get it treated by world renowned doctors. And even if my disease can not be cured, I can spend my last days in luxury and comfort.
7. Would you rather be good looking or rich?
  Good looking! :D I can then maybe get into modelling? Or anyway, I'd rather be jaw dropping gorgeous than jaw dropping rich.
8. What is the ultimate dream vacation?
  A secluded beach with my partner, or Disneyland kind of place with my family/cousins/friends! :D
9. If you could be an animal, what animal would you want to be?  Why?
  A cat. They're adorably cute creatures. And they do what they want. :D 
10. How would you describe your idea of the perfect life?
  I haven't given that much thought, but probably working my ass off till about 65, then retiring into a beautiful bungalow with my partner and enjoying reading books, homely dinners that aren't horribly burnt or anything :P  and playing with cats!
11. How long do you think you would last in a zombie attack?
   Pretty long, I think.

I'm not tagging any bloggers in this post. 
Beeg plans, as of now. :D Insha Allah, it'll work out. :D
Wish you all a safe, beautiful and chilled out week ahead. 

Friday, June 15

"Life Is Like A Bra Strap.. When You Put It Wrong"

Warning : Post contains mature language. 
(But if you are able to handle it, stick with this, coz I liked this paragraph!)

"The trouble with life is that it's like a bra strap when you put your bra on wrong. So there's one part of the bra that is all twisted and sticking out under your T-shirt, and then the part near your hook becomes tangled. Then, after you've struggled with it for a while, because you can't see so far down your back, and you have straightened it out, the bit near your chest is all funny. 
So if I've got my career sorted, my love life magically vanishes without so much as a goodbye. Then I've got my love life all perfect and I'm seeing us making fat, happy babies, and boom! my family is fighting, and so on. You get the picture."
- Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan.

Isn't this true? True to the point of irritation? Somehow some things in your life are always screwed up. And when they get better, some other thing falls apart.
It's like you're making a curry. You add sugar to improve sweetness' element, and now it needs chilli. You add chilli and the consistency is not right. WhatTheHell? :/

But sometimes, you just think all philosophical and shit :D, and try to focus on the things that ARE working out and remove the other things from your mind. For now.


Makes sense? Doesn't? Hated it? TELL ME!
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By the way, I have coolsomelyfabulous plans for the blogoversary which is on the 1st of July. 
Insha Allah it'll work out well and y'all can then see it for yourselves. :D
I also have some leetal big-ish plans for this blog. Let's see!
College begins from tomorrow. All the luck in the world to all students, coz we all know, we need it!

Saturday, June 9

"It's A Date!"

Economics class. She was so bored. She generally liked this teacher but god knows why, she was being too drab today. Stifling a yawn, she looked around the classroom. Alok met her eye with a tiny smile and she smiled back at him.

Girls usually swarmed all around him. THANKFULLY, he wasn't the typical douche. He was sweet and flirtatious, but hey, it was Alok, all bets were off!

"He's staring at you", Priya said, nudging Sneha and her cheeks flushed with color. She hesitantly looked up at him. He was grinning almost like he knew she was into him! He winked at her and then pretended to be fascinated with the textbook. That one wink, it caused flutterings in her stomach. It felt insanely good.

Break time, she ran away to the canteen to buy a sandwich, grinning from ear-to-ear.

Double psychology class, meant sitting in the front and taking down notes but today, today she wanted nothing but to stare at him. God certainly was listening to her because just then, Alok came to sit beside her.

Her cheeks were such a deep shade of red, that he couldn't help but pull her cheeks. By now, they had quite a few eyes on them, but they were in their own world, oblivious of everything and everyone but each other.

They were so immersed in each other, they didn't realize that the teacher along with the whole class, they were staring right at them. Thrown out of class, Sneha knew she should feel remorse but she didn't! Because free time = more time with Alok. And that was what she had wanted, wasn't it?

They sat on the stairs, not saying a word. He offered her one earphone and they sat there listening to music. He slowly scooted towards her, and put his arm around her shoulders. Her heart skipped a beat and try as she may, she couldn't conceal the happy look that spread through her face!

She looked at him. He looked back at her with those gorgeous eyes of his, framed with long lovely eyelashes, his look filled with adoration.

Words failed her and he seemed to realize that. He pulled her closer, smiled at her, and said, "Dinner tonight? Creme Center, I'll drop you home after. Please say yes? Please?".
"It's A Date" they chorused together and reluctantly got up as the bell rang.

Liked it? Hated it?

Sunday, June 3

Her Never Ending Nightmare.

I sit here, pushing down spoonfuls of ice cream down my throat. Tears stream down my face, I never knew we would fall apart. I thought it was some temporary thing.. Your parents, tension, this inflation and everything.

We used to be so amazing, I remember when J&S would always keep asking us how we'd never let it get ugly. Only if they could see us now.

Feels like it was just yesterday, when we were screaming in your living room. You saw me crying, but you kept on fighting. We fought and cried, and shouted some more. Finally, I left.

By now, just about everybody would have gotten to know.. About us.. Oh wait, there is no us anymore.

Feels like a never-ending nightmare.

"Is it over yet? Can I open my eyes? Coz this is hard as it gets, Is this what it feels like to really cry? Cryyy.." (Kelly Clarkson)

Saturday, June 2

Because Every Band-Aid Has To Be Ripped off,Sooner Or Later.

Dear Friend, you said you'll come home, a million times till date, and somehow the plans never materialized. You lead me on, maybe unknowingly, but I'm filled with false hope, and then you let me down. Where were you when my world was on fire? When I was crying all day and surrounded by sad crappy sad things? You weren't here for me.
You know what hurts more? I was there for you, I did all I could. You were busy with classes, ok. Busy with your own personal problems, ok. But how much time does one phone call really take? Sigh.

Dear Friend #2, remember that day when you called me in the morning almost crying over the phone itself? You told me what was wrong and I came over to yours, to try and comfort you. I was there for your fights, with your parents, I took your side when everyone said you're an idiot, I consoled and spoke to your partner when that person didn't want to even speak to you.
And we, we aren't in touch even, properly. You call when you need something, when I need someone, you are never around. In my 6 months of my foot injury, did you EVER ask about my foot?

When I met new people, you said I'm forgetting you all, I never did. I always made time, for our plans, for everything. If I could, I would.
I kept wondering, what'd I do wrong? Am I not worth that one message? One phone call? 10-12 years of friendship, and it all boils down to this?
I felt lonely. And abandoned. And so annoyed, frustrated.
But not anymore.

One wise person told me, that sometimes you just outgrow some relationships. And though it felt like a cruel blow to my ears, I know it is true.
Maybe you have found someone better, who understands you more, maybe you have changed your priorities.
So today, I'm forgiving myself for hating myself beause of other people.For questioning my worth. For feeling sad over these now-extremely-awkward friendships.
Whatever happens, if we talk once a month, or directly after a year, I'll always love you!

I'm shaking off this whole thing, and ripping off the band-aids. It'll hurt, God it already does, but it will get better someday. HAS TO!

This doesn't mean I hate you. It just means I've accepted what's happening and I will no longer dwell on it, or complain about it.

Have a KICKASS weekend! =D


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