Saturday, June 2

Because Every Band-Aid Has To Be Ripped off,Sooner Or Later.

Dear Friend, you said you'll come home, a million times till date, and somehow the plans never materialized. You lead me on, maybe unknowingly, but I'm filled with false hope, and then you let me down. Where were you when my world was on fire? When I was crying all day and surrounded by sad crappy sad things? You weren't here for me.
You know what hurts more? I was there for you, I did all I could. You were busy with classes, ok. Busy with your own personal problems, ok. But how much time does one phone call really take? Sigh.

Dear Friend #2, remember that day when you called me in the morning almost crying over the phone itself? You told me what was wrong and I came over to yours, to try and comfort you. I was there for your fights, with your parents, I took your side when everyone said you're an idiot, I consoled and spoke to your partner when that person didn't want to even speak to you.
And we, we aren't in touch even, properly. You call when you need something, when I need someone, you are never around. In my 6 months of my foot injury, did you EVER ask about my foot?

When I met new people, you said I'm forgetting you all, I never did. I always made time, for our plans, for everything. If I could, I would.
I kept wondering, what'd I do wrong? Am I not worth that one message? One phone call? 10-12 years of friendship, and it all boils down to this?
I felt lonely. And abandoned. And so annoyed, frustrated.
But not anymore.

One wise person told me, that sometimes you just outgrow some relationships. And though it felt like a cruel blow to my ears, I know it is true.
Maybe you have found someone better, who understands you more, maybe you have changed your priorities.
So today, I'm forgiving myself for hating myself beause of other people.For questioning my worth. For feeling sad over these now-extremely-awkward friendships.
Whatever happens, if we talk once a month, or directly after a year, I'll always love you!

I'm shaking off this whole thing, and ripping off the band-aids. It'll hurt, God it already does, but it will get better someday. HAS TO!

This doesn't mean I hate you. It just means I've accepted what's happening and I will no longer dwell on it, or complain about it.

Have a KICKASS weekend! =D


  1. Awwwwww, why such a sad post. Sigh. :(

    Happens, these things happen! What a sad sad world.


    1. Whattay sad comment! :p
      I was sad but like I said, I'm accepting it, it HAS to happen, right? one way or the other. So not a "sad" post entirely, but yes.
      Thanks for being the first one to comment Sonshu!:D xx

  2. Aww .. Ni you've grown wise :)
    NOT that you weren't ..

    Just this post.. It makes so much sense.
    Yes it will hurt..a few scars may remain, but they will heal with time..

    No offence to anyone, but you're priceless you blonde :D
    We love you... take care of yourself & your foot..

    1. Haaye, I'll tell this to my parents now B)

      I know,right?! That is true. Insha Allah, it won't hurt anymore.

      Hahahaha, THANK YOU! <3
      I love y'all too, and yes I will. Thanks xxxx

  3. i am in exact state of mind as you,so i kno hw it feels
    even after doin everything for them,friends never stay by us in need
    but whoever said 'a friend in need is a friend indeed' sounds like the wisest person in the world to me.
    yea it hurts but pull of the bandage,u are allowed to feel the hurt,its ok to cry,feel sad,and write blog post to give urself a vent for all these emotions to pass.
    but never forget ur worth. empty your hands off the old things so that new things,new people cud make a way into ur life.
    may u have peace..

    1. Oww :[
      Exactly, it wasn't just need, I expected them to be for me like how I was for them. Sigh
      Exactly, exactly. That is what I'm trying and going to do. And hopefully it'll feel better soon!
      Thanks for the comment xx

  4. I can relate to this :( amazingly well written sweetheart.If any one can document human emotions and people's behavior,it's you :) Mind if I share this on my fb page?

    1. Oww!
      Thank you,thank you, that's such a sweet thing to say Di <3 xx
      And of course I don't mind! :]

  5. Maybe in time, life's journey will lead you two back to each other and your friendship will be stronger than ever. Sometimes it's necessary to go your separate ways for a while so that you may both grow individually, mentally and spiritually, whatever that may mean to you or how ever that may apply to your life. In time, the answers will come.

    1. Maybe it will!
      That is so true :]
      Thanks Crystal :D
      <3 xx

  6. hugs from here.
    It's true, sometimes we just have to let go and let God.;)

    1. Thank you so much Ron. :D
      Yes, that's what I'm trying to do. :D

  7. Sometimes,letting go is the only solution. :)
    P.S- I totally love this post.:D

    1. Exactly, letting go it is!
      Thank you. :D I'm glad you do! xx


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