Monday, June 18

Know Me A Little More!

Why? Coz this is ME! Also, aivai. :P
 Ridx :) tagged me and here is my post!

1. Have you ever written (or started to write) a book?
 Yes, I did start, when I was around 12, and then left it after a chapter or two. Have a lot of ideas, will start again soon. :D
2. What one thing confuses you most about men/women?
  There is no one such thing, or quality that confuses me. People in general usually confuse or weird me out!
3. What would you do if you had a million dollars?
  Buy all Crossword shops :P Put the money into a bank and maybe buy a comfortable house for my parents.
4. If your life was a song, what would the title be?
  She Lived. Bas!
5 Are you good at Chess?
  Nope. I have tried my hand at it 4-5 times and no, it is SO not my cup of tea! *shame face*
6. Would you rather be rich or healthy?
  Rich. That way, unless I have some incurable disease, I can get it treated by world renowned doctors. And even if my disease can not be cured, I can spend my last days in luxury and comfort.
7. Would you rather be good looking or rich?
  Good looking! :D I can then maybe get into modelling? Or anyway, I'd rather be jaw dropping gorgeous than jaw dropping rich.
8. What is the ultimate dream vacation?
  A secluded beach with my partner, or Disneyland kind of place with my family/cousins/friends! :D
9. If you could be an animal, what animal would you want to be?  Why?
  A cat. They're adorably cute creatures. And they do what they want. :D 
10. How would you describe your idea of the perfect life?
  I haven't given that much thought, but probably working my ass off till about 65, then retiring into a beautiful bungalow with my partner and enjoying reading books, homely dinners that aren't horribly burnt or anything :P  and playing with cats!
11. How long do you think you would last in a zombie attack?
   Pretty long, I think.

I'm not tagging any bloggers in this post. 
Beeg plans, as of now. :D Insha Allah, it'll work out. :D
Wish you all a safe, beautiful and chilled out week ahead. 


  1. awwww. :D

    i would love to be a blackpanther. :D

    but i <3 your answers. coz i can relate to almost every single ans. :D

    1. Thank youu. :D
      Haha, I'm glad you could relate! :] xx

  2. Hahhaha @#7.. Smart choiceee!

  3. Nice to know you..and I can totally relate to #2! lol

    1. Hi-5 there then! :P
      Thanks for commenting xx

  4. Some of it made me chuckle. :-)

    1. I'm glad it did. Or should I be? :P
      Anyway, thank you for reading and commenting Zeba! :] xx

  5. Once I started writing my memoirs but it took a back seat.. felt it was incomplete.. too soon! You're an amazing writer! No wonder! You've been doing it since the age of twelve.. kinda like me but I wouldn't say I have that confidence yet.. Good luck to you!! I hope all your hopes and dreams come true!!

    1. Haha, thank you. I don't have much confidence either, but getting there.
      Thanks a lot, I hope&wish so too.
      Thankyou. <3 xx


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