Who is she?

So I am Nirati. Let's do some quick facts because I don't know how else to do this, okay?
  • I started blogging after my 10th grade, but sorta abandoned it in the middle and now back but you stick around please
  • I am out as pansexual to my friends and family
  • I really really adore animals
  • I enjoy writing poetry
  • I have bleached my hair (as the photo suggests) and gone from purple to green to basically bleached light brownish hair. What's next? Pink, lavender, blue, maybe grey too
  • I love reading books although Harry Potter will remain my most favourite ever - FIGHT ME 
  • I send long emails to two people who are very close to my heart; both I haven't met but are such lovely souls. You can find one of them on Instagram as @universeandskinpoetry
  • There is a certain beauty that I have discovered in the company of five wonderful individuals, which makes me feel like the most me that I can, and for that I'll forever be grateful
  • I am dating this wonderful boy who brings home with him each time
  • I find water bodies too beautiful, and even though they're often loud and not so clean and called overrated, I could spend hours there
  • One day, I aim to write enough poetry to cram it in a book and put it up someplace
I like knowing people very much, I find all our stories so fascinating. Email me, or just drop a comment, I'd love to hear from you.

Email: niratii.m@gmail.com
Twitter: @Blahblaholic_
Instagram personal: @niratim
Instagram poetry: @the.wordbarter
Regular rants: The Daily Mundane


  1. Hi
    Im in 11th class and in mumbai too :D
    and i blog too! Went through your blog and totally loved it ! Would love to see some more :)

  2. heyyy...
    i just went through your blog and adored it. Your writing skills are "fudgin" awesome. :D
    And yup, m in 11th too. I guess we 11th graders are totally in the whole blogging thing. :P I've just started blogging so come check it out. Let m know what you think. :)

    1. Thank you, thank you =D
      Hahaha, yeah maybe!
      Sure, on that now! :] xx

  3. God. I dislike mangoes too. And I hate how people refuse to accept how its possible to not like mangoes.

    1. Haha, me too. :P
      Exactly, like it's forbidden or something! o_O

  4. Hey! Coincidence I'd say...I'm a 12th grade student to, Art stream. I love Taylor Swift and Dean Winchester. I'm shy at first, too loud later. Talkative. Love writing.. and I love beaches!!! OMG a lot of common stuff though. I happen to love mangoes... you don't... :P
    BTW, your writings are AWESOME! Looking forward to reading more of them :) See ya!

    1. Whoa! What an uncanny coincidence. Glad to see someone like that here! :D

      Thank you so much, you make me go all :D :D <-- like that!
      Thank you. :]


  5. Hello!!!! I guess it's a bit uncanny, but we seem to share a lot of common interests... Dean Winchester, beaches,Taylor Swift,Pani Puri, Glitters, letters, long comments (though I don't get any...hoping you'd go all 'awwww'), tall people, dresses etc etc; however, I happen to love mangoes, you don't :P. Plus, I'm a 12th grade humanities student as well, totally impulsive, talkative and crazy...
    Love to read more from you :) See ya!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can't wait to read more of yours! You are lovely. XO

  7. heeellllloooo!!! i loved your definition of blahbloholic...i too am one...sigh!!! Your blog has a lot of energy...loved it...
    Btw i am from kolkata! i blog too in this address http://aishsar.blogspot.in/
    see ya!!!

  8. Heeellllloooo!!! loved your blog!!! one think that I totally love about your blog is the energy and the vibrancy....
    I am totally crazy, mad and a complete nonsense speaker...
    I am from kolkata...i blog in the following address..http://aishsar.blogspot.in/
    take care! see ya !

  9. Hi... I had been asked by a friend of mine a million times to check out your blog. And now that I have I am completely in love with your writing style. I have a blog too but I mainly write poetry.Way to go girl.... Am waiting for more... :)

  10. Hey... Just went through your blog for the first time and let me tell you I have become a huge fan of your writing style!!!! I have a blog too but I mainly write poetry. Let me tell you one thing, you just got yourself a regular reader... Way to go girl! :)

  11. Hey!! I absolutely love your blog. You have some serious posts here and it is soo inspiring for a new blogger like me. I too am a tv show nerd, Grey's anatomy is awesome. I am a huge fan of Grey's. I too am terribly shy and socially awkward. I laughed hard at the diaries' thing. I doo the same. I was soo weird last year, Hahaha!! I will be following your blog ardently (:

  12. Heyy!! I love your blog. It is soo inspirational to a new blogger like me that you feel so strongly about certain issues and have written about them so cleverly. I loooove Grey's Anatomy. Fangirling all the time. I am a shy and socially awkward person as well. I laughed hard at your diaries' point. I do that tooo. I will be following your blog ardently (:


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