Tuesday, May 16

Keto & What Not

This May has been quite life changing in a way. I am, as on today, officially 10 days into my Keto plan. So Keto, short for Ketogenic, is more of a lifestyle so calling it a diet would probably do it more injustice than anything else.

In short, it means I'm consuming more fat and protein and very little carbs. This is supposed to push my body towards ketosis, which is when my body will use my fat as fuel rather than relying on carbs.

It's basically Do or Die for me, on my health side of life because I've given up too many times and I really want to do better and be better for my body and my holistic health. Wow, holistic and all, look at me growing up!

Apparent positives to the Keto Diet:
  • No crashes after lunch owing to insulin spikes and falls 
  • Feeling wayy more full after a meal than I used to
  • Clearing up of skin (my acne is actually slowly going away)
  • Feeling more mentally alert throughout the day
  • Drop in cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar
  • Weight loss
Let's see how it goes.
Also, I have started working at this new place in Lower Parel. It's a digital agency, I'm a Content Writer here, and I've just about completed a month now.

Exciting days lie ahead... I hope! See you all soon x

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