Monday, July 11

Best Friends Forever ♥

So, as the title suggest this blog is about one friend of mine who I believe and reallly realllyyyy wish stays with me forever!!
Call her China, Chinese or Tj, the fact remains that she is one of  the most encouraging, supportive, spunky, super cool and sweeeeeeetest friend I've ever had :)
So baby,this post is dedicated to you!! :)
 Beautiful  :)

I've known her since Jr.Kg but we became really really realllyyyyyyyy close in 8th grade. I remember when I got close to her because of another girl who got close to me because the guy she liked was one of my besties.. I was crazy about that guy's best friend and I've written so many sad poems,don't even ask :P
Whatever,chuck that .. 
So I've done the dumbest and the silliest and in my language the smartest things with her :D 
She knows stuff about me which is awesome yet so embarrassing that apart from my guy,no one else knows about all that. 
There 've been times when I haven't had to say anything because she would just guess! 
Me and Her
In 10th std,we had to speak about something in English class and once I spoke about her. I spoke about how she has always been there for me and how I intend to see this friendship work out till the very end. And you know what,half way through my speech,I started sniffling.My voice got throaty and if I hasn't been so intent on continuing,I'd have burst out in tears!
Throughout our friendship,Tj and I have 3 out of 5 times had a crush on the same guy!!!! It was so much fun coz we liked and found cute the same exact things! Damn cool that was xD
In 10th grade,whenever I'd get bored,we'd make lists.. About movies,things blah blah we like and you know what,there was nothing I'd like to do better.
People in school would pass chits.But we,the awesome people would pass our books.. And so I've got 3-4 rough books full of  *EPIC* stuff in it.. Stuff I'd not trade for ever!! :)
After the guy I liked,she became my muse and I'm not self-praising but the poems I wrote for/on her are really sweeeeet!!
You know what,I am kind of at a loss of words here. I can only attempt to describe her and our friendship. Actually it's much more than that. I don't know what to call it but whatever it is,it is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! There is no one else I trust so much,care for so much or think about so much. Also we gossip LOADS xD
She's now found her guy and I wish them ALL the happiness and love in the world! Their photos make me go 'Awwww' and make me super miss my guy :( But chuck that!
So here's to all those weird drawings and book posts and all that we did.
Here's to making fun of each and every person's outfits and feeling so damn cool.
Here's to giggling and start laughing hard when asked why, here's to laughing SO hard that we have to clutch our stomachs and our cheeks start aching.
Here's to sitting together day after day in school .. To getting next to each other as soon as our class teacher left and then hiding beneath the desks if she randomly showed up -__-
Here's to checking out each and every guy we laid our eyes on and then looking at each other, that one look and we'd know that our views were the same :D 
Here's to having stupid retarded mega-challenged fights but then making up so fast :)
Here's to teasing each other with the people we HATE!
Here's to not talking to and bitching about the people one of us didn't like
Here's to joining social networking sites for each other .. Remember I had joined Orkut because of u! And now you joined Twitter for me :-*
Here's to screaming like someone was out to murder us in that 'Haunted House' thingy in Mulund.
Here's to laughing so freaking loud that people rudely stare :P
Here's to being so awesome that everyone on the road looks at us :P
Here's to having loads and loads and L-O-A-D-S of fun whenever we meet irrespective of the place!
Here's to a million mojitos ;)
And here's to being friends FOR-fucking-EVER! Even after being in different colleges and all shit,here's to being lifelong bitches xD

Tj , I Love You  I'm Always Going To Be There For You .. Just Wanted To Let You Know! Muuuuuaaaaaah!!!



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