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Product Review #01 : L'Oréal Paris Le Nail Art Stickers : Chic, easy, nail art now falls right in your laps!

"Salon quality Nail Art has never been so easy!"

As someone who cannot even paint her nails perfectly (due to lack of practice I'm sure) , nail art stickers seem like just the solution to my problems! I was extremely excited to give these a try!
You file your nails, you apply these and voila! You're done! Now doesn't that sound great?

  • Product : Le Nail Art
  • Company : L'Oreal Paris
  • Price : Rs 299/- for 18 stickers.

"The 1st nail art stickers in both 2D and 3D effects by L'Oreal Paris. Give nail art a try with this collection of patches that adds fun patterns and shine to fingertips and toes. Each nail applies ultra easily and provides long wear-with zero drying time, or smudging. 3 step application, instant couture result."

The 8 nail art stickers

~ Pricing ~

This pack costs Rs 299 for 18 stickers. I find it to be quite reasonable since a manicured nail art would cost the same, if not more. If you divide it, you may find Rs17/nail to be sort of expensive, but all in all, I think it's a pretty good deal!

~ Directions ~

The directions printed on the back of the cover are very straight forward, and easy to follow. A lot of times we find that instructions are printed, but either you don't know how or they sound very advanced.
This comes with very basic and easily doable 3 steps which include applying the sticker, folding it & filing the excess sticker.

~ Application ~

The rules printed along the cover pretty much cover it up. You position the round end at the base of your nails, fold it over your nail tip and just file the excess away! All you need is 10 minutes and a filer. Instant beautification :D

~ My review ~

These nail art stickers are literally a boon for clumsy, lazy folk like me. They are extremely easy to use. The stickers come in about 3 varied sizes as well so we can use the broader ones for our toes/thumbs and the narrow ones for the pinky fingers, which is pretty clever thinking, me thinks. :D

Notice the sizes!

The stickers do not have any pungent smells, nor are they sticky. So you really CAN apply them in a jiffy, with no mess created at all! Only immaculately pretty looking nails.
And the best part is that they're terribly convenient to put on, and remove as well! So for all you adventurous spirits who change nail polish/nail art often, this is convenient and practically gets done in 10!

009 - Poudre D'Or

~ Durability ~

The cover says that these stickers last for 10 days. I shall post an update regarding this, but hey oh, if you garden or take beauty baths with your nails submerged in water for LOOONG (which is unhealthy for your hands,nails btw) then this statement is null & void! (I love saying null & void. They're such cute words, aren't they!)

Should you buy a pack? Definitely!
~ Reasons to use these stickers ~ 

  • Zero Dry Time is such a blessing! The days of blowing at your fingers and avoiding touching any materials are passe thanks to these nail stickers!
  • No Nail Color Remove Required to change your style, just peel off and it's done!
  • Zero Nail Damage as these nails have been tested for safety and will not damage your precious nails!
  • Zero Application Mistakes since all you need to do is position them & paste!
  • Extremely Easy Application since the hardest part is something we've done as primary school kids. It would take hard work to screw this up!
  • Reasonably Priced and you know the end product is worth it! 

~ Tips ~
  • These stickers look their best with long, well maintained nails. So if you're planning on putting them on during a weekend, keep those claws sharpened and clean during the week!
  • While applying the stickers, if you first fold the nail sticker over your nail tip like we fold perforated papers before tearing and then you file the excess off, it becomes rather easy.

Blurry on purpose. Looks like a cluster of stars, doesn't it?


I couldn't find anything I'd like to improve on this product, except that it'd be brilliant if they could probably add a board filer to the pack since that makes it extremely convenient, but hey, that's just a lazy girl talking! ;)

You can find out more at the L'Oreal Paris India Facebook page.



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