Thursday, July 19

Quotes Love #1

Everything that you or I do, it has a reason. A big reason, a small reason, a reason we announce to the world, a reason we keep buried within our hearts, but it DOES have a reason.
People change, relationships do too, and you cry, and suffer and realize that this is ALWAYS going to happen. Whether you like it or not!
And I know the last line is true. Some crushes, infatuations, they don't work out, why? Because something better is in store for you! (And me too :P)

This is me! =P
I'm selfish sometimes, and I'm insecure too.
I've made a hell lot of mistakes, I could write a book about them, or two!
I am impulsive and when the inner bitch is unleashed, I will rip you apart with my words. It's not a thing to be proud of, I know. And I don't really tear people to pieces unless you REALLY REALLY do something horrible to me, or people I care for.
And yes, recently I have begun to understand that I should always respect MYSELF first, I am who I am, I'm trying to be better, stronger, but,
 if you can't handle my mood swings, you don't deserve me being there for yours!

Wish you all a beautiful, sensible, safe Monday and the week ahead!


  1. Agreed! Something we should all take into consideration.. while trying to better ourselves.

  2. Love the power you have displayed and strength of belief in yourself.. keep writing

  3. True story.
    IF you cant handle my mood swings, then you dont deserve me =)

    1. Yeah! But we tend to forget that a lot of times. Sigh

  4. so true! :D

    bdw i tagged you in a post. :D

    1. Amen to that! :D

      Saw that, will work on it soon, thank you Ridx :] xx


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