Sunday, May 25

I've been thinking

I stopped blogging because I used to think this post isn't what anybody would like to read, or who would want to read about my boring life when there are hundreds out there who climb mountains and sail the oceans everyday and this post is a conscious effort on my part to stop doing that. It's my blog. You signed up for this, enjoy now.

  • I came out as bisexual to my parents earlier this year. Currently I'm not sure if bi or pan suits me better, so I'm just going with queer.
(Update: I think pansexual suits me better, so that's that for now.)
  • I am seeing a counsellor to help me basically with my self esteem and trust issues which she too, underlined as the 2 most important ones, along with all the other bullshit that wrecks my head up.
  • I got my nose pierced on the right side and got one more ear piercing each, so total 5 wheeee! 
  • I'm actually started appreciating myself more as of late. I'm not completely on the 'self loving' level yet, but I'm trying.
  • I was NOT ready for the season finale of spn s9. 
  • I am no longer afraid of social dancing. I actually quite enjoyed it. To be fair, I'm pretty new at this. Last week was my 4th party ever.
  • I've gotten better with people. I made a new friend that party night.
  • I got loads of fandom gifts on my birthday in April so that is really great news!
Here's a quote and a selfie with the nose ring to end this blessed post.

Be back soon x


  1. You have five piercings in each ear!!?? wow, thats so many..
    welcome back :)

    1. Haha no! 2 in each ear and one in the nose, so that makes 5 in total. My bad
      Thank you x

  2. OMG YOU ARE POSTING AFTER A LONG TIME! It's good to see you back. Wow piercings. I wanna get some too. And I really hope you turn into a self-loving person and sort these trust issues. I hope things work for you. Bdw, I can't see your first picture.
    Lots of love and keep posting. <333

  3. Helloo Ridxxxx :D
    Thank you so much :D You're really sweet xx

  4. I was just reading your post when I got a comment on mine. I was like, how did you know? :P

    So, Welcome back.
    And I haven;t been to any social parties, so far. I am looking forward to some though.

    1. Haha :D I went through all the blogs on my dashboard and read yours!
      Good luck, have one dance on me x

  5. Hey beautiful ! why on earth would you need a Counselor to do that for you..
    You are perfect the way you are..Gosh you gotta love yourself..look at you - you r choooo prettyyyyy n icing on the cake you write beautifully ! do not worry people shall always want to READ u

    1. Well mainly because I have trouble believing it um :p
      Thank you so much for all your kind words x

  6. I might have stopped by you blog sometime in the past because I randomly stumbled upon it while scrolling through the list of blogs I follow. Quite happy that I did that. :)

    Well, seems strange but I can relate to a couple of things you are dealing with. Self-esteem , trust issues, social awkwardness. Been there. Done that. Still there. Doing the same thing. Again.

    "'I'm actually started appreciating myself more as of late. " - the absolute best thing you can do is to love and appreciate yourself. Sounds too bookish and naive but it's true. I'm trying to do the same thing to pull myself out of this bottomless pit where i eat drink sleep and binge-watch TV shows/movies on the computer.

    Supernatural Season 9 Finale: Right up there with you.

    P.S. - Don't stop blogging. :)

    P.P.S. - You are beautiful. :)

    1. Hey I'm binge watching all shows too, just until college starts, making the most of these last 10-15 days :D
      Thank you very much x

  7. Of course I want to read about your life even though you don't climb mountains or slay dragons for the thrill. You are one pretty lady! Those curls!! GIVE THEM TO ME!!

    And you came out to your parents regarding your preference. I say 'AWESOME! MORE POWER TO YOU'
    5 piercings? I have 4....two each ear. They say the nose one wouldnt suit my Mug! :(

    Belated birthday to you :D

    1. Red, you're really something! They don't look like that all the time though :p, this was one good hair day!
      Thanks a lot x I thought I'd look really bad too, so I wore one of those clip ons for about a month, I really liked it on me, so got my nose pierced

      Thank youuu. :D xx

  8. Fiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaallllllyyyyyy...Welcome back girl! :D
    Keep writing, we'll keep reading :)

  9. I laughed as I read this (not in a bad way)- only because I recently came out to my parents too and wondered how yours took it.

    Life is a series of coming out from here on, but you just need to " be yourself" and be happy with it.

    Hope things sort out for ya. And nice post :)

    1. Hey hi five, how'd it go at your end?
      Thanks a lot, and wish you the same xx

  10. welcome back ...........:)
    b\w i had same issue with blog so now kinda trying to be better blogger and follower..
    love your curls and you look like Merida from brave

    1. Thank you so much Prathima :D x

  11. It's difficult to keep blogging...

    I'm 6 months late... But Welcome Back!!! :D

    1. Don't I know it :P Thanks a lot!


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