Tuesday, April 10

Awesome April #Day 10

"I don't know where I'm going, but I like the direction!" 

So I finally said to myself, who am I kidding? I never wanted a 9-5 job anyway,
I'm going to chase all my dreams, why should it matter what people say?
So I grabbed a duffel bag and filled it with all my clothes, piled up the equipment and hit the road.
I was ready for this, I'd to anything to get there, no matter the load.
And look, I'm a wildlife photographer, been shooting 5 years now,
I party,I go on road trips, I work, I get paid, I'm enjoying my life,and how!
Yes, my parents did receive a lot of flak,
But I've done them so proud, they don't really care, Whenever the same relatives  come home, all my stories they share!
So chase your dreams, hit the road, click photos, or sing songs!
Society will judge you no matter what you do, so believe in yourself & stay strong!

[Day 10 of Awesome April, check out BlubluBling's post here.]
-Blahblaholic x


  1. I love this.. Thanks for posting!

  2. wow I wanna do that someday :)
    My male bestie who earns like lakhs of money as a corporate is quitting to become a writer recently and he inspires me like anything.....I hope I can do something of that sort someday to pursue it all too :) but for that need courage and maybe education to fall back on :)

    1. Wow, that's so inspiring, really.
      Well, I pray you do get such opportunities :)

  3. Oooh that's sweet! Are you a real photographer? Or is it a fictional post? But I like the central idea of chasing your dreams...coolio :D

    1. Thank youu. :D
      Na, it's just fiction. Thanks!


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