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It's all about the money.. NEWS FLASH : It's not!

Imagine you are raped. You are sexually abused. You are forced to bed a person, against your will. Your world is obviously shattered. You go to the police. But what do they say behind your back? THAT YOU ASKED FOR IT!
Tehelka recently conducted a string operation in Delhi, spoke to more than 30 senior police officials in the Delhi region. 
[Delhi is the capital of India. It is also known as one of the least safe cities, no offence meant :( I've found amazing female friends who stay there,though. :)]

Although this sting operation just exposed the policemen of Delhi, we all need to stop this Mumbai v/s Delhi and all this. In the end, you get raped, I get raped, it does not matter which city we live in!

So, these police officers, they had the freakin' nerve to say things like :

I don't think any female will "ASK" for rape. That is just plain bullshit conjecture. Rape is not consensual. It is called 'rape' for a reason. Even if a husband forces his wife to bed him without her consent, it still is rape!
And if she knows one of the rapists, isn't that worse? That means someone close to her took advantage of her. That would hurt her so much more. It's not like she would go up to any person and tell them rape me!

A month ago, a female from Noida, was raped and the policemen there who are horrible *insert every abuse here* , they disclosed her identity! She's a teenager for God's sake! Imagine your younger sister, your daughter, she is raped, and then, to add salt to her and your wounds, her identity goes public. How would you feel?

Then began the character assassinations and the mud slinging for which we all are so famous for. Women need to learn how to dress, how to talk,how to act to not get raped because after all it's our fault we get raped right? NO!
She had to leave her school obviously. God knows how much suffering she had to undergo. And her name wasn't the only thing disclosed, they even publicly stated her address. How can you do such a thing??! 
[You can read about it here.]

Not so long ago, in Gurgaon, due to the increasing rape cases, the Police stated that no woman should work or be outside beyond 8pm. If she was, she herself would be at blame for any consequences that followed. This is their reply to a gang rape. A 23 year old was gang raped and this is what we do? Put a curfew on the women? I see a little sense to it, it could be like a temporary solution, for a few days till the culprits are caught maybe. It is a remedy, not a cure!
[Read about it here.]

Sunil Kumar - "In these places, you'll find girls who want to do it (get raped) for Rs,1000. They will drink and also have sex with you. The day somebody uses force,it becomes rape."
That is the whole point no? I can have sex with how many people I want to. But when I am forced, it is rape, OBVIOUSLY!

Sub-Inspector Arjun Singh - "If girls don't stay withing their boundaries, if they don't wear appropriate clothes,then naturally there is attraction. This attraction makes men aggressive, prompting them to just do it."
We are called human beings for a reason,yeah? How can you justify rape as a man's aggressive nature? I may be attracted to dozens of people. I can't just force myself on them. These kind of sentences make men believe they can just force any girl to have sex with them just because they find her attractive. What the hell?

Sub-Inspector Malik- "The girl's mother is divorced. She's living with another man of the Yadav community. She's 48 whereas the man is 28. It's inevitable the two daughters will be wayward, isn't it? Now when 2 young girls watch their 48 year old mother sleeping with a 28 year old man, even they'll be aroused. Sex is like hunger."
I don't even words for this. I mean, how atrocious can someone be? Oh God!
And these are the so called protectors of the society. Jeez! -_-

17 out of the 30 police men were convinced that the rapes are rarely genuine. They said they are just ways to make money. Some went as far as saying that when females don't get enough money from their parents, they turn to this and use it as a 'lucrative business'.
[Read more about the whole Tehelka sting operation here.]

This whole mind set needs to change. If the police work itself claims such atrocious things, then whom do the victims turn to? Who will protect them? 
Rape isn't a joke. It can ruin lives. People suicide, they go into depression, half of them are blamed, because their being raped causes troubles for their siblings' marriage proposals and all.
It is high time, atleast our generation, we learn that this isn't something to be toyed with. Rape is one big stigma on our society but the victim is NOT at blame.
Stay safe, don't travel after dark and learn a few self defense techniques, atleast till our police force mans up to the task of catching the rapists and putting them behind the bars!


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  1. Just couple of days back I managed to write about the Tehelka expose. I agree that nobody asks to be raped and nobody wants to be raped, but there are few things that the police have said that women in cities (cities only) should take into consideration. Like going for night outs, they should always go with a mixed group of friends, and should not to trust guys so easily etc. I feel women should not look at these as oppression but security measures for them. There is no point going and complaining after rape and asking for punishment. Yes the perpetrators should be punished. But do you think the law in our country is so strong ? or do you expect it to change overnight ? It will not. Till then prevention is better than cure, in case of date rapes. While we fight for justice, women should start to think on these lines, if they are out in the night late, arm themselves with pepper sprays etc.

    1. I agree, that's why I said, in the end, that we should learn a couple of self defense techniques and everything. Because I know the situation can't and wont change overnight.
      Thanks for commenting. :)

  2. There is danger lurking behind every corner.. these days. I'm all for modesty but sometimes, not even that is enough. If a man is going to rape you, he don't need much to go on. You can cover yourself, to keep men from looking at you or you can dress in the most provocative clothing, in the end it doesn't matter. Rapists take what they want no matter what you're wearing. It can happen to anyone. You, me, your friends and family, my friends and family, male or female, black or white. Some are safe, some aren't. Violence is so senseless... We should always take the time to learn things that might prevent these things from happening.. Sometimes, unfortunately so many of these cases go why shouldn't we take extra precautions ourselves.. Thanks for posting.

    1. I agree with you on this Crystal!
      Thanks for the comment <3 xxxx

  3. Sad that they tell us change ourselves rather than bringing a change in the society! :(

    1. Yes. :(
      But all we can do is know the right thing and then teach our children the same. :)

  4. That's awful! It's such a mockery of women. I don't even know what to say. Wearing the right kind of clothing isn't going to stop anything. And women should be just as free and allowed to have just as much fun as men, be it in the early hours of the day or night. Start doing something about the rapists rather than imposing bans on women.

    1. I know :(, but this is our society right now and it's not changing overnight!
      Thanks for commenting. :)

  5. i read the same article in tehelka and god, i couldn't stop my frustration and all the swear words that came down on its own. rape is a crime and not consensual. when the hell will people learn the difference?

    glad to find a tehelka lover here. im half parts a maniac fan and half parts worshipper of the tehelka culture y'see

    1. I know,right?! God knows how these people, I mean they're policemen for God's sakes, can make such statements -_-
      Thanks for commenting :)

  6. Nicely written
    Well done yaar..all the best.
    Also Check out mine.Give your comment on it.
    Are Hijra's(TransGender) not a Human being.?


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