Monday, April 16

Music Monday #1

Goood Morning :') It's around 6 am right now and I've just gotten done with organizing my books and clothes and everything coz I wasn't really sleepy =/ Anyways, this is my first Music Monday post, yaaay =D

I've fallen in love with Demi Lovato. I know this album released quite some time back but when I shared these songs with my friends, they recognized Skyscraper but not even one more!

One of the very popular songs is Skyscraper which she rang in relation to her being in rehab for cutting, bulimia, depression, she also got diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and that song gives you strength :)

* "You can take everything I have, you can break everything I am, Like I'm made of glass, like I'm made of paper.. Go on & try to tear me down, I'll be rising from the ground, like a skyscraper!

Then there is 'For The Love Of A Daughter' which has such beautiful words describing her pain. The first time I heard this, I cried =/
* "Four years old with my back to the door, All I could hear was the family war.
Your selfish hands always expecting more, Am I your child or just a charity ward? |Oh father, Please father,I'd love to leave you alone, But I can't let you go.Oh father, Please father,Put the bottle down, For the love of a daughter."

'Unbroken' the entire album comprises of the following songs :
  •  "All Night Long" (featuring Missy Elliott and Timbaland)
  •  "Who's That Boy?" (featuring Dev)
  •  "You're My Only Shorty" (featuring Iyaz)
  •  "Together" (featuring Jason Derülo)
  •  "Lightweight"
  •  "Unbroken"
  •  "Fix a Heart"
  • "Hold Up"
  •  "Mistake"
  • "Give Your Heart a Break"
  • "Skyscraper"
  • "In Real Life"
  • "My Love Is Like a Star"
  •  "For the Love of a Daughter"
  • "Skyscraper" (Wizz Dumb Remix) 

I also liked All Night Long, Unbroken, Mistake and My Love Is Like A Star. All the songs are definetly worth a listen!
Hope y'all have a pleasant week!
-Blahblaholic x


  1. Her voice is ear-pleasing!
    I'll listen to these songs soon.. Also, you must've heard Send it On and When you look me in the eyes, right? I liked her in both of these songs. They're nice :)

    PS Check your facebook! :)

    1. Yes, beautiful her voice is!
      Look Me In The Eyes makes me all mushy, I love the lyrics =D
      Also, checked =D

  2. She's very pretty and has a very nice voice.. I see we both love music.. I especially like lyrics to and I pay very close attention to the.. I'm taking it you do the same.. ;) Lovely post!!

    1. Yes, a lot of songs I listen to, plainly for the lyrics!
      Thank youu <3

  3. she has a very beautiful voice.i ve not heard her recent albums but liked all her previous album.will check out these songs soon

    1. Yeah, do that, the songs are amazing! =D

  4. so gonna check this album out aSAp. demi lovato's got a beautiful voice

    thank you! =)

  5. Her voice is mesmerizing, to sum it up in a word. Give Your Heart A Break is sooo sweet. Her lyrics are steeped with meaning... Love her songs <3

    1. I know right!
      I love her lyrics.
      Me too =D


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