Saturday, April 14


I really hope this is true :)

You know that feeling when you don't know anything?
You have been feeling really angry or really upset, but then gradually you just become numb? Yep,that. I'm stuck at that since past couple of days.
I have taken decisions, knowing the consequences, I did what I had to. Atleast according to me!

You know how everyone keeps saying you'll have a rough couple of months, but then things get better? The light at the end of the tunnel? Where is it? 
Life has been kind of crazy,  not the nice kind since LONG.
I lost my wallet after taking my allowance just that day =|, lost more than 1k, had to pay fine because the timings on my train coupons was wrong, I fell down which still hurts when I walk, I had to stay cooped at home all this while, walked with a stick while everybody on the road would look at me like I'm a freak =| .... So forgive me for this rant piece >_<

Last year, around February, I lost my grand aunt. She was ill and very weak but she had survived such a situation previously, so I did not,in the wildest of my dreams,imagine I'd lose her so quickly. Those times were horrible. And now my paternal grandfather is in the hospital!
The doctors are saying it's chemical pneumonia. The food particles got lodged into his food pipe. He's better now,as compared to yesterday. But he's 90, so things are complicated. 

Yesterday I was extremely scared. But right now I'm numb. I broke it up with him, I was sad and guilty and then some time later, numb. What is going on?

But, one good thing HAS come out of all this. I realized who all are really going to be there for me when I need someone. My cousin, she came bearing chocolates and goodies =D, my friend Honey rushed over when she came to know of the break up, my school bestie Tj and her guy came to visit me yesterday ^.^ . Crystal, I hope you read this. She comments on each post and I love the way she tells me the truth, constructively criticizing when needed. I love you <3 :*
I also found two amazing people from Twitter, @Battameez & @WhatTheFloyd. Meez & Pratyancha. They've kinda helped me a lot in the past few days. Knowingly & or unknowingly, they make me not feel bad about what happened, and make me smile. Beeeg thank you! =* <3
@SugarsNSpice is someone a lot of people know. Earlier she was Scribbling Gal. She blogs, she tweets. She's one amazing person I know. She helped me do what I needed,for staying sane. She picks me up when all I want to do is cry. Thank you Di! xxxx

I ranted on Twitter yesterday but got a lot of shit for that even =/ So I guess this is one place I can. Also, because I moderate the comments xD 
Anyway, yeah, that's pretty much it. Things HAVE to get better. I need them to! 
Wish y'all a fun weekend. Take care

-Blahblaholic x


  1. the best thing about writing is dat u "become" a better person even while writing it !!!
    u started off with emptiness and ended up with giving thanks to ur friends who are the most amazing ppl that u r blessed wid. Aaah the beauty of writing !!

    1. I didn't look at it like that only! o_O Wow, thanks a lot for bringing that up! I don't feel so bad anymore =D
      Thank youu. :) x

  2. wishing I could give you a hug right not, but an e-hug will do for now. Hoping and praying things will work out fine.

  3. Awwww! I luv you too Blah Blah!! I know how scary it can be when someone you know and love is in the hospital..I've had quite a few scares with my mom and even my little boy who got pneumonia last year and ended up in the hospital.. It really is scary feeling so helpless and just not knowing what to do.. And I don't mind you tweets. Of course I may not always curse all the time and I do try to tone it down sometimes, but believe me, I have.. I'm just as guilty especially when things go awry and when I get angry, everybody run!! LOL! Don't feel bad about the tweets, or your rants or raves.. You're hurting now and you're worried about your grandpa! I'll keep praying for your family. I hope your grandpa gets to come home soon.. and I hope that foot heals! Take care sweety!

    1. Aww.
      Yes, feeling helpless is so horrible :(
      Hahahahaa, mine is the same condition. I was incredibly scared+mad at that ambulance, so ranted a lot!
      Thank you so much Crystal *hugs you tight*
      Love you xxxxxx

  4. Hey hon everything happens for good ...have faith it ill be all good soon ...take care sweet :)

    1. I really do hope it gets better.
      Thanks a lot lot <3 xx

  5. Another way of looking at it would be - since nasty things have happened in varying degrees and continuously - the situation cannot help but get better from now on right?

    So chin up and get cracking.

    Cheers :)

    1. It got worse, but well, I hope it gets better from now on.
      Thank you!

  6. Life is all about facing new challenges, surpassing them and emerging as a winner in the end. It is just a bad phase you are going through. But as Rumi said, "The wound is the place where the light enters". small sentence, big meaning. Just be strong and let nothing bother you. God bless... Cheer up! :)

    1. "Bad phase" since November? I'm sick & tired of it!
      That's a beautiful quote. And thank youu!

  7. Really loved the way you put the emotions into words.
    Again, there isn't anything new I am going to tell that others haven't already told.
    It always looks worse ahead than it does in the rear-view mirror.
    Trust me.
    If you have the time, do read this post of mine:

    1. Oh, thank you! Ah, yes, it isn't all that bad, in hindsight because it was followed by worse things. But,nothing can be done,so yeah.
      And I'm on it! =D


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