Monday, April 23

Inner Demons.

Close to me, so close, that I can smell your breath,
Inhale your intoxicating scent,
Wrap you in my arm, so tight.
Tell you everything once for all,
Plunge, take that jump, unafraid of the fall,
Open up my ugly side to you,
Through my eyes I'll let you glimpse a view.
Hold me through the night,
As my tears fall healing the scars,
Let me know you'll be there for me,
And then I can finally set all my skeletons free.

-Blahblaholic x

P.S I had written this in January, posted it now. Also, if you're interested in reading other poems by me, head to -> Teenage Babblings


  1. I loved the imagery. It was beautiful. Thanks for posting blah blah.. How you've been?

    1. I'm glad you liked it, thank youu.
      I'm feeling pretty crappy. But well, I guess it'll get better :)

  2. You always express the images so beautifully, you know.!

  3. if u felt this while writing, i am sure "pretty crappy" is not how u feel! wish you have that smile back, wish u genuinely feel happy through out.

    judging the words, or rather expressions by literary value is sin. but u shud know tht i love to read u.

    1. Arrey no no!
      She's asking how I've been,in general. After all the things, not-so-nice things that have been happening.
      Awwh :') Thank you!
      Thanks :D I'm glad u feel that way!

  4. Nicely written! :)

    Read your previous blog too. So, How you doing ?

    1. Thanks a lot :]
      I'm doing okay, thank you for asking!


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