Thursday, April 12

Awesome April #Day12

Memories. So many, flying around in front of my eyes,
Right from the first time we made small talk,to break the ice.
The stolen glances, the exchange of numbers, remember that text at 1?
The first date, the comfortable silences that followed, your removing the clip holding my bun,
You carved a special place for yourself, breaking through all my mental walls.
Only with you I'd go on random picnics and *shudders* huge malls!
A dozen scrapbooks wouldn't be enough to fill in your role in my life.
But that was in the past I say to myself, as I move forward in the line, put on a smile and congratulate you and your wife.
-Blahblaholic x

P.S : My life is kind of messed up at the moment. So I haven't really been visiting your blogs, I'm sorry, I'll try and get to them :) Also, thanks to BluBluBling, I can write when I want to coz of this Awesome April series!


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