Wednesday, May 9

Few Little Things To Be Happy About =D

So one of my posts won the 3rd prize in the Stayfree 'Time to Change' contest hosted by IndiBlogger, YAAY =D I just received my badge today, look to the right of the blog, yep, THAT! =D
This is the post that won me an Amazon Kindle Keyboard.

The IndiRank got updated yesterday and this little baby went from 57 to 79, awwh :') Also, my poetry blog : Teenage Babblings went from a really sad 24 *hides face* to a 58! So yes, good news,this.

Sonshu from sent me the giveaway I won and let me tell you, the earrings are PRECIOUS! 

Thank you so much Sonshu <3 :*

My Logic classes started. Ma'am is crazy strict but really good. Like really really good. So good for me! Boards this year. Hasn't really sunken it :$ Bahut mehnat karni padegi ab!

Also, all of you do go wish Aquib on Twitter here, he blogs at "Brand New Day". It's his happy wala birthday today. Weeee =D

This is it, for now. I'm too lazy, but I'll get to typing all my stories here as drafts and post them soon. Okay? Okay!

I changed the title of the blog, does it make sense? Or does it stick out like a sore thumb? :[  Do let me know,alright? BTW you, anyone of you can always e-mail me, tweet to me,anything. Just check the Contact Me Page ^__^

Have a blessed superawesomelykickass week ahead,y'all.
- Blahblaholic x

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  1. You're in a good mood today!! I can see why!! CONGRATS!!! That's awesome that you won!!! LOVE THE NEW LOOK!!

    1. Hahaha,yes =D Finally I'm in a good mood today :p
      Thank you, and thank you! =D xx

  2. Celebrations all around eh, N :)Congrats and enjoy the wave <3

    1. After a horrible horrible April, FINALLY! :]
      Thank you <3

  3. Aawww, really touched my heart that you blogged about it.

    Loveee you BlahBlah. Congo on the kindle you deserved it. :) Waise glad you are having a good month!


    1. I'm glad it did <3
      Love you too,Sonshu! Thank you. Haan, I'm glad too. Hopefully it's not temporary!
      Thanks x

  4. Hey congratulations =D
    Lol, I wish i could write that good!


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