Monday, May 7

Music Monday #2

Hello there people! x
So this is the 2nd Music Monday post!

Now, for this post, I'd request you all to keep your prejudice and hate aside, and watch this video with an open mind.

Song of the week : Boyfriend by Justin Bieber.

His voice has changed a lot, for the better! Seems like just yesterday the poor boy was being ridiculed so much. I love the way he talks in this song. His voice = sexxxy!
And when this guy smiles, OMG :P Shit, I'm turning into a total Justin fangirl, hahaha.
Hear this song + watch this video & lemme know what you thought.

My favorite moments :
  •  Whenever hes talking throughout the song <3
  • At the start, 00.17 when he smiles.
  • 00.45, his expression.
  •  00.49, The whole 'swag, swag' part. 
  • 01.23, that smiiile :D
  • 01.36 , his voice+that grin/smile.

The only thing I didn't like was towards the end, it kind of, you know, fizzles out? And that girl with the pout, erm why???!

P.S Not everyone who gets hated upon makes it big. This guy has. And will continue to.
Also, comments on the song, anything is cool. But blind hatred will not be published :]
Have a superfabulouslyamazing week!
-Blahblaholic x


  1. LOL! You made me laugh.. when you said "Blind hatred will not be published!" I needed a really good laugh.. You are no doubt feeling a little biased but in a good way.. He is a cutie.. and he definitely has so major swag going on there.. LOL. I heard he has been working with Usher.. I remember back in the day, Usher was the really big thing back in the fifth grade!! But he's still going strong I heard despite his latest scandal..

    1. Actually to be honest,I was never a fan :P But I never hated him either. He was ok,whatever.. Until I saw this video :]

  2. Oh one more thing... I noticed the copy right logo on your blog and when you click on it, it goes to your registration.. it shows you are protected.. My writing blog is protected.. but how do I get that logo on my blog.. I've tried to add it by the url but it says it is broken.. ?? Any suggestions?

    1. I'll inbox you once Im back home,running to class now <3 xx

  3. I've been searching your email ID since so long. I've mailed you something. :P
    PS: I hated Boyfriend.

    1. Arrey, kab se toh contact me ke tab me maine rakha tha! :P
      Err,okay :p

  4. OMG .. I can't believe I'm saying this but JB looks hot!!
    His voice sounds different.. mature...fresh..

    Didn't like the song, but his smile at 1.23 was "love" :D
    Hahha video is funky :D .. I like!

    1. I couldn't believe it either!! I was like aarey waah =P
      Yes yes, that moment was LOVE =D


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