Monday, May 14

Music Monday #3

I've got some amazing songs for y'all today =)
Orianthi, Khaled and Jessica Riddle!

Song 1 : According To You - Orianthi

"According to you I'm stupid, I'm useless, I can't do anything right,
According to you I'm difficult,hard to please. Forever changing my mind.. 
I'm a mess in a dress, can't show up on time, Even if it would save my life.

According to you, according to you

But according to him I'm beautiful, incredible, He can't get me out of his head
According to him I'm funny, irresistible, Everything he ever wanted"

I love the lyrics and the beats of the song. She's a Greek Australian musician and has a powerful set of lungs on her! =D And I also love the way she plays the guitar.

Song 2 : Aicha by Khaled.

It's an Arabic song, in French. The music is so soothing and beautiful. It makes you feel just nice! Also, translate the lyrics if you want, they're lovely! I think this is THE ONLY song whose lyrics I didn't understand yet I kept listening to it. I discovered the lyrics and the English translation just recently!

Song 3 : Even Angels Fall by Jessica Riddle

"You will fly and you will crawl;
God knows even angels fall.
No such thing as you lost it all.
God knows even angels fall."

Have you seen the movie '10 Things I Hate About You' ? You definetly should. Heath Ledger is legendary. It is such an amazing, brilliant, funny, sarcastic, super awesome movie. And this song <3 Especially the lyrics!

These 3 are all, for now. If you are really interested in music, any genre like rock/metal/pop/country , and you want to trade/talk/take songs, you can say hello to me at :

And hey, DO listen to these songs and leave a comment about how you found them!

Wish you a fabulouslyawesome week ahead!
- Blahblaholic x 


  1. Even Angels Fall is such an addictive number!
    I've been listening to it for some time now and at one time the song was stuck in a loop on my Walkman. :)
    Love it!!

    1. It is! And I love the lyrics :]
      Thanks for commenting x

  2. Loved the first one, couldn't understand the second one but loved the third clip!! Awesome movie! <3 <3

    1. I'm glad! =D
      And yes, super amazing movie, that one!

  3. hii! i passed down to you, an award. come see :)


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