Tuesday, May 15

Kittens Are Cute. If You Were A Channel,I'd Put You On Mute!

Hello the awesome cute and super supportive people of le blog. I got 190+ followers. WEEEEEE! =D

Who doesn't like kittens? I mean what kind of people think kittens aren't cute? STUPID. Yeah, you read it right. Buddhu log ko hi nahi pasand aate kitttttens <3 And cats. Fur balls xx

It's 5 past one right now, and I'm yawning my mouth out. I'm le tired. Coz I had logic class today.
But I'm happy. I not know why, butbut, I'm just, you know, the reasonless happy!

A colony friend I had lost in touch with, we have gotten close again. Been walking in the colony with her since the past 2-3 days. Fun it is! =D
She's nice and funny and cute and we both are kind of crazy. So yeah! =D

It is crazy ass HOT. But I like travelling. Even if it's nearby. I feel lazy to get out of my house clothes, but once I'm out... =D

Hair is having good days recently. Curly and springy and in le form. It feels good =)

There's an awesome breeze blowing through the French windows at the moment. And it's cool right now. Like I-may-get-a-cold-cool types. 

I am happy. Right now, here, this instant. I don't know why, but I am. And that's a good thing,no?

Which is the one thing that can make you happy? 
Like, when you're maybe having a rough day, what'd YOU do to unwind? To get your mood back on track?


- Blahblaholic x


  1. ROFL!! I'm having one of those days too!! I'm just happy!! I love the cats! They are tabbies... I'm getting a little tabby kitten in about a week! She's a gray and black stiped tabby!! Gotta think of a name soon!! Love the post Blah Blah and I'm really glad that you're hanging out with your ol pal again! <3 <3 <3!!

    1. Hahaha, I'm glad you are! =D
      Awww, I know, I read your post. That's so cute!! I had a cat long ago =]
      Thank you, I'm happy too, that we're hanging out again!
      <3 xx

  2. Replies
    1. I know, right?!
      Thanks for commenting <3

  3. LOL, random happy-hyper feeling FTW! xD <3

    1. Exactly, exactly!
      I was totally sleepy but hyper o.O
      <3 x

  4. Ooohh getting back with old pals...awesome hair days and cute balls of fur...
    you're on a roll woman :D

  5. Haha.. great post, BlahBlah :)
    Miss you!

    1. Thank you so much A!! <3 x
      And I miss you too!

  6. Yay!Yay! Yippee! Yippee! Great 2 knw u happy!! :D

    Fr me, happiness is a movie, chilled beer n grilled chicken with drippin mayo .. Ah! Heaven!:)

    Congrats on ur 190, Blahblaholic! Cheers n to the next 190! :)

    1. Hahaha, thank you Raj =D
      Mmmm. Sounds yummy!
      Andd thank you =D

  7. kitties are adorable and I loved this post! V cute and it made me cherish.

    1. Oh yes they are! :D
      I'm glad you loved it!

  8. Kittens are everybody's fave :D specially the pictures you uploaded here make me go in awe :D
    And a Roadies episode, Jane tu, a great dinner, or spending some wuality time with my family gives me happiness :)

    1. I know right, they're just TOO adorable =D
      Aww :)
      Thanks for commenting! x

  9. You are so cool.
    I'm always having happy days espeshily when I look at cute kittens!
    They are very cute furballs!! :D


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