Friday, August 12

[First Attempt!] Sparks Fly,And So They Did! -Fiction #1

Author's Note : If you don't like cheesy, lame fairytale-y things,skip this post and read some other post of mine :)
Oh :/ I hate social gatherings. And I can not even begin to tell you why. 
I feel out of place, I feel alone and mega awkward -__-
Thank God the voices in my head give me company ;)
So here I am at this completely lame-ass party to celebrate my parents' friends' 50th anniversary or some other crap. And I am here because my parents couldn't make it.
Yeah,you read it right. I'm here as a 'representative' of my family. Me!! Hahaha, it doesn't get any more ironic and weird!
Why is that waiter staring at me? Oooh shit,just realized I was speaking aloud.. Hehe, happens to the best of us,no? Doesn't happen with you? Well then you aren't the best :)
God, feeling out of place always makes me say lame things to myself.
Oooh oohh oooohh there's the champagne guy, I think I'm gonna just go ahead and take one!

Okay Shania, calm the fuck down :| If you act this way, everyone's gonna know that this whole mature thing is a fake. Okay breathe in, out,in out.. Whew. These girls make me so nervous. What with their over plucked eyebrows and them fake nails constantly tapping away at their BBs. Hmpf >:p 
Mmmmmmmm .. It's not for nothing that they call this bubbly.
Ugh :/ I've sent texts to atleast 10 of my friends but no bloody person is even replying. I think I'm just gonna wait till uncle aunty cut the damn cake and then leave. I can't stand this awkwardness any more :/
*phone rings* Heyyyyyyy baby! U ill not believe how bloody bored I am. Oh shit, that was too loud.. Erm excuse me.. No no, not you, the waiter, I'm trying to get to the back of this hall. Yeah, hey. No no, I'm alone. It's not funny bitch. You know how I am at these things right? Ur mom's shouting? Ugh .. Do u really have to go? Fuck it man. Allrite, no, its not your fault. Yeah text me if u can. Yeah sure bye.
"Hey There!"
Ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod cute guy alert.. Omg his hair is so goddamn sexy. I would just die to run my fingers through it. Oh shit,shut your mouth. He said something to me didn't he? But what? Goddammit come up with a reply!
"Hi, how you doing?"
Now how hard was that? Idiot. Oh God I hope my face is okay. And why the hell did I not use the serum in my hair???! Oh right, I thought it'd be of no use coz everyone's gonna hate me anyways. This always happens to me :| Ugh!
*with an amused smile* "I am doing good. My name is Rounak, by the way. You here alone?"
"Yeah, my parents couldn't make it. I am Shania."
"Your name is beautiful. Suits you!"
Oh god I am blushing right to the roots of my hair. Oh god save me!
"Thank you so much!"
*pulls off 2 glasses from the tray* "Here.. Nice party isn't it?"
"It's good but I'm afraid I don't really know anybody so ... :/"
"Hahaha thank God! I was so afraid of saying anything bad about this thing coz I thought that you know you'd turn out to be related to these people or something!! Wanna dance?"
Stupid stupid stupid STOOPID! Say yes damn you! Say yes! This doesn't happen everyday u ass. Say yes!
"Sure I'd love to!"

Two dances and 4 glasses of bubbly later, I am viewing this world through this golden haze. God,this Raunak. He not only looks so damn faiiiiiine <3 but is intelligent -thank God!- and he has this way of looking at me which makes me blush like some 13 year old! Oh he's pulling me off to another dance .. He smells amazing too <3 Mmmmmmmmmm......................

So I just got home and hey guess what?! I got his number and we're going for a date on Sunday :) 
I'm not going to jinx it but you know, I feel like this really is it! Feels like I'm living a fairytale <3
Mom keeps asking whats up with this 100000 watt smile but i'm not saying! :D
Dear diary, what would I've done without you?! 
Well I'm now gonna go to bed and dream :) Coz today I found out that sometimes dreams come true.
Sometimes your reality becomes so much better than your dreams :)

Yeah so that was just my first attempt. It was very cheesy I know :P I am going to try and get better :)
Allrite, thanks for reading!


  1. Oh that was cute. :P The style of writing that you have chosen was very teen-ish and so much relation between that and the way we actually talk. :)

    Cheesy, but cute. :P For a first attempt, good one.

  2. I LOVE and ADORE your writing style! You have a natural flow with words. Keep Writing.

    *Pats you on the back*

    PS:- What if this was not fiction? =p

  3. Yes I love all these teen stories... and i will come back to read this one tonight!!! wait for my comment till then :P

  4. I don't like social gatherings as well.

    PS I read your previous post as well. it was so cute :) a little similar to my story ;) But im so sorry just couldn't catch up. I was a little sick!


  5. This is one of the sweetest posts I've ever read on blogger. :)

  6. aww.. not bad ya.. :) :) Cute one.. :) :)

  7. Cute post. I agree with sonshu, your style of writing was very teenish but quite real! Thats how we are :)

    nice one!

  8. haha actually a very BUBBLY write
    i wish this could actually happen and some guy just so perfect like this..Oh wait i am with my Mr perfect :P

    nice read...waiting for more

  9. hahahaha keep writing ..that was so good..loved it infact...

  10. Awwwwwh! =')

    Loved it. ♥


  11. :D Ah to be young and having crushes all year long...

    Makes me sound like some aunty but settling down for life does that to you, I suppose:P

  12. wow great attempt!
    I love it =D
    Do write more ....

  13. @ Sonshu : Thank you so much! And yeah,I know it was mega cheesy :P

    @ Hamza : Haaye :"> Thaanku shooo much!! :D Huhuhu, if it were not fiction, hmm, God knows :p If it does happen to me someday,I'll tell you allrite? :p

    @ Mehreen : Thank you!! :)

    @ Ridx : You too?! *high five* Hey,no need for sorry and all. Hope you're doing better now :) *hugs*

    @ Felicity : Aww,thank you so much! :">

    @ Viya : Thank you thank you! :D

    @ Nostalgic : Shukriyaaaa :D :D

    @ Red Handed : Huhuhuu :p Thank you so much! And lots of more coming your way ;)

    @ Mishi : Thank you thank youuu :D

    @ Aman : Thank you!!! :)

    @ Ezazi : I'm glad you did! And no,this wasn't real !!

    @ Priyanka : Hahahah,no don't worry you don't sound like an aunty!

    @ Rosette Princess : Thank youuu!!! :D :D

  14. Haha, I lurrvveedd it!! Hell yeah :D :D Awesome

  15. @ Risha Di : Thank u sooo much >:D<

    @ Mag : Huhuhuhuuu :p Thanx re!! >:D<

  16. Was it really fiction or... O.o

    just kidding.

    Wonderful as usual!
    And for a first try, i might as well say that it was damn good! :)

    Looking forward to more "fiction" ;)

  17. Although I'm not a big fan of romance, I have to say that this one was quite heartwarming :) Very neat :)

  18. I wrote such a big sweet comment here, where has it gone ?

  19. @ Aquib : :P .. Thank youuu!! :D

    @ Sushmit : Aww, m glad u liked it :)

    @ Ayushi Di : I thought you didn't read only! :/ I didn't get any comment :S

  20. OMGOMGOMG It was soo damn cute. Coudnt have got better. Well I cant type more I am excited to read the next and I am on it. :D

  21. Thank you thank you THANK YOU!! >:D<


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