Sunday, July 10

Best weekend?

Hellluuuu! I am back!

Well, I have clearly been gone a lot, and I have decided that for my sake and yours (mostly mine. actually only mine!) I'm going to seriously pick this blogging thing again.

It sort of gives me something fun to do, and fuels my self-importance :P

So here's a quick recap:

1. I graduated from Mithibai College with an overall A grade in my BMM degree. Yay!
2. I am currently working for a content agency in Mumbai itself.
3. I paid my first health insurance premium this month #Adulting
4. I also donated my own hard-earned money so #MuchAdulting
5. I realised I miss putting my work out there, and the Blogger community, since I was 15, has been so extremely kind to me, that I'm here, to leech off (again).

Needless to say, I have met so many amazing people here, some of whom I continue to talk to (hello Amena and Blogwati if y'all are here!)

Enough about me. What's happening at your end?

Take care, enjoy the rain, and show some love.

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