Tuesday, December 6

Her sweet scent

She stretched and looked around. She gently slid out of the bed and ran to take a shower. He saw her, sometime later, her lithe body wrapped in a towel. In his towel. Her curls cascading beyond her waist. Her strong collar bones. Her perfect Cupid-bow lips. And her eyes. Oh,those eyes! They captivated him like no other.
He took her name. She turned around with a gasp. She blushed, with her clothes ran back inside.
He was staring intently at the door. Today he'd ask her. Today he'd say all that he'd been meaning to.
She stepped out, looking very much the goddess he thought her to be. She met his eye with such passion, he had to look away. After all, he was the one responsible for the mess.
She came up to him. He made up his mind, was already preparing a speech in his head. She pushed him against the wall. He gulped. He met her eyes. The burning desire in them surprised him. She kissed him. And then she kissed him some more. He held her face in his hands, he kissed her back, almost as if he was trying to match her intensity.
She knew this was the last time she'd see him. She knew this wasn't working out. And it would damage both of them even more,if she over stayed.
She pulled back, he was looking at her with a thousand question marks in his eyes. There would be answers. But not this morning.
She kissed him again, pulling him toward her. She kissed him passionately. Like it was him she was deriving oxygen from. Like her whole life depended on him.
She memorized the way his hands would always meet at the small of her back. She memorized the intoxicating cologne-y scent of his room. The taste of his cigarette stained lips. They pulled apart what seemed ages later.
He opened his mouth to say something but he saw something in her eyes that convinced him that what was going to follow,was inevitable.
She grabbed her bags,took a last look around this second home of hers and burst out of the room. She ran down the stairs only to stop after climbing into the backseat of a cab. Then the tears began to flow. How she wished there was something she could do to work it out. She sighed deeply. They both had done their best. But maybe they were too passionate and the fire ended up burning them instead.
His eyes swept the room, searching for some kind of reminder even though he knew he'd never forget her. His eyes fell on the towel. He grabbed it like it were his lifeline, inhaling the sweet scent of her magnificent skin.

"Never thought we'd have a last kiss,
Never imagined we'd end like this,
Your name,forever the name on my lips,
Just like a last kiss."


  1. Oh my, I had to come up with air a coupla times :P
    I love the quote at the end and the fact that she recognized self-destruction and had the sense to get out before either of them burned, not many of us do that.
    Good stuff, girlie:)

  2. Fuck man why did you make me read this......This is how it ended for me years back ....shit :(
    I can imagine each line as i lived it....

    Anyways u wrote it amazingly :)

  3. im turned on!! lolol

    awesome post, loved the flow~ seriously

  4. The write up is awesome. Passionate, poignant and creative. You've a lot of talent.

  5. Wohoo. That was one amazing write-up.

    Perfect. Stirred the emotions even though it was so small. The passion was so aptly described. Wow.

    Keep it up Ni.

  6. where is the explicit stuff here??? aaaah...i read the complete post expecting more...lol...:P

  7. Wow this was really good :)

    Keep writing <3 enjoyed this post :) very muchly


  8. Whoooaaa!
    This was INTENSE. and realli SEXY :D
    Do write such stuff more often.
    ciao xo

  9. this , i really liked... :x
    it was passionate and i agree,you re an awesome gifted writer.
    dont u ever stop !!!1!!!

  10. OMG ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ :')

  11. Loved the last time...its the memories that pain more

  12. PeeVee : Hahahaha. Thanks a ton =D

    SG : Eeeeps x_x I'm really sorry Di! And, thank you :)

    Technoflirt : Thaanku >:D<

    DM : Hahahahaha,thank you really very much!! =)

    Mansoor : Hiii =D Thanks a lot lot lot *hugs*

    Nia : Thank you Niaaa =D

    Hari : Hahahaha :p Better luck next time?

    The Lover : Thank you so much xx

    Avy : Yep! Thanks :)

    Anon and Debanshee : THANKYOU =)

    Ridx : Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =D Thanks Ridx!

  13. Hi there! Came there through someone twitter hopping :)

    And damn you already for writing this! Argh! Like many, this is how it had ended for me too, a long long time back. *sad smile*

    He doesn't know, I kept his sweatshirt for a long time just because I could smell him on it. Sounds so stupid now. :) But well. Life.


  14. Loved the last part more :) Keep writing :) Good one!

  15. Intense!!!
    Beautifully written :D

  16. awwwwwwwwww..... well written :)

    i remind me ov past - i read each line with so much interest. <3

    love x

  17. Pain of intense love between two loveoholics has its own charm.
    Lovely narration.

  18. Pesto Sauce : Thank you! =)

    Ice Maiden : AWWWWWWW! That is such a s-w-e-e-t comment <3

    Sourav : Thankyuu >:D<

    Globally unknown : Hey thanks! =D

    Utkarsha : =) =D

    Shama : I'm glad! =D xx

    Tariq : So true. And thank you! :)

  19. Oooooo. Girl that was super *AHEM* hot. :P

    I loved it bang on.

    Shit. Your blog looks fab. Good going girl. Im loving it ni. :P

  20. Sonshu : Hahahaha yep. And a biiiig thank you =D *huggy*

  21. memories, there is no escape from it. right? loved the write up. loved the way it connected with me, and with others (obvious from the comments). hated the feeling this write up brought initially. read it again. in love with memories now :) thank you, tonight is going to be a good night.

  22. I missed a beat or two. :O Beautifully written. :)

  23. Commendable narration. I could relate so much.. it actually hurts :')

    good to read you after such a long time..
    Hugs baby!

  24. Brilliant stuff! Missed your posts for sometime... but im back :)

  25. Sawan : Aww, that comment touched my heart. I'm glad you liked it. Thank you!!
    Ishiyeta : Thanks girl! =D
    Nostalgic : *tiiight hugs* Thanks Di <3
    Upasana : Yaay =D And, thank you!
    Hamza : Thanks !! :)

  26. awwww... this was so P-E-R-F-E-C-T-L-Y intense.. ! :)

    it's amazing how different people portray same feelings in life one time or another :)

    1. THANK YOU!
      And yes,I never imagine so many people would actually connect with this!


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