Saturday, September 15

Guest Post : "Souls" - DO,I DO.

" I was saddened to know about the death of a young girl who died from a disease, who was called away from life, into the Lord’s presence. Well, when someone dies, people say may their Soul rest in peace. Well, that is the truth…all our lives are a journey of Souls. Though we are humans from outside, we have a living soul in us.Each one of us have it. In our life, when we turn back to see, till date do we realise how many souls care for us,in the form of parents, family, teachers, loved ones, friends and well wishers. And we all exist not only with the help of the basic requirements such as food,air,water or any other need. We need to realise that we as living Souls have a short period on earth.Do good,the good comes back to you. Love unconditionally.  
Bless with all your heart.Help with a cheerful heart.Forgive, and give.Whatever you gain on this Earth, the power, the possessions, the pride and the wealth will fade as God calls you, yet your Soul would want to rest in peace.Everyone has a soul in them,which would want love,care, joy and peace.Be not selfish and live and let live. Always remember, never to hurt the Soul who loves us and care for us, no matter what. No one is paid for whatever love,care and joy we receive.
When some soul (parents,siblings, family, loved ones, true friends) cares about you, remember its their time of their life that they share with you. Life is too short to regret. When you pray to God, he speaks to you through his spirit and since you have a soul, you hear it and since the soul has a heart, you feel it! Life is so short for a tug of war and its not short for a sky gliding! Meaning life is too short…live it happily. 
Be the reason for someone’s smile(remembering everyone has a soul inside them).

Just thought I'd share this story through you. :) And wish your blog a mindblowing and happy anniversary! :) Keep spreading words. :) <3 "

I do,I do


The author, 'I do,I do' who writes at 'Words Not Abandoned' graciously wrote this as a guest post for me.
Thank you so much! 

And all of you, have a KICKASS weekend!


  1. Makes you feel happier instantaneously!

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