Monday, January 16

She Grew Up

*phone rings*
"Hey baby, what's up? Miss me?"
"Hiii! Of course I missed you. Was just getting ready. Gonna go out with friends. What've u been doing?"
"Oh cool. Where are you people going? And friends as in who all? You're going now, like right now?? When will you be back?"
"Arrey, with all my friends yaar. We're going to Phoenix. Ya ya, Nick's coming to pick me up"
"Why Nick? Baby you should've just asked me. I'd have dropped u no?"
"STOP IT ABHAY! You always do this. My life, they're my friends. I go with whomever I want. Tera kya jaa raha hai?!"
"I'm sorry babe. Sorry. Really. I'm trying to control it yaar, but kabhi kabhi ho jata hai, I'm sorry. You have fun babe"
"Ya. Chalo I've to go"
"I love you"
"Ya. Love u too. Bye"

"What the bloody hell do you think you are doing Abhay? You're fucking insane. STOP!!"
"Arrey, don't shout baby. I was only protecting you. I mean they were staring at you and - "
"Oh, so now you gonna get all concerned about the stares haan? You almost killed him you, you, you bloody swine!!"
"I didn't kill him. C'mon! Why are you getting mad over such a small thing?"
"Why am I getting angry? Are you like mentally ill or something? YOU ALMOST KILLED A GUY! Do you even get it?"
"He had no right to check out my girlfriend no"
"AAAARGH. He was not checking me out you possessive moron! God, you're impossible. I'm leaving. Go to hell."

"Umm, are u ok ?"
"No. Why does he always do that yaar Nick? Hamesha he does such drama only. It's so annoying. Sab mujhpe haste hai. I hate it re. So embarrassing and insulting it is!"
"Chalo ab, don't cry. Shhhhh. Can I um, tell you a.. something?"
"Haan *wipes tears* bolo!"
"First, take this and wipe your face .. See, I know you love him and all of that but.. how do I say it..Um this is very bad behavior. Do you think it's worth it? See, end me it's your call. So just, you know, take time. We all hate to see you crying yaar."

"I'm sorry. Really. I don't know what happened. I'm trying na yaar. Tu sun. I'm sorry! Really am. I won't let it happen again. Sorry rea - "
"This can't go on Abhay. I am sorry. I'm breaking up with you. Sorry"


Alisha is in a relationship with Abhay
" Haaan? What the hell? "


--> Hey Lisha here, just wanted to tell you that um I'm seeing Abhi now.
reply :  Have fun girl. He's all yours! 

"Whatever. I don't care"
" Beta, your friend Nick is here. Come inside Nick beta. Coffee piyoge?"
"Nai aunty, fir kabhi. Thank you. Aanchal kaha hai?"
"Hi Nick. *giggles* Look at you, all red. Marathon man!"
"Listen. Sit. Now - "
"Arrey breathe no mad. You'll get a heart attack or something. Want me in jail that bad or what?"
"That bastard - "
"NICK! Mom will hit you"
"That erm loser asscake was double dating! He's dating that skinny thing umm - "
"Yeah. But when he was with you, he was also dating Puja"
"Huh. I don't um know what to say huh"
"Aye, don't cry yaar. Come here. Shhhhh. It's over na now. It's okay Aanchal, it's okay. Shhhhh. Breathe"

" And I look back in regret, when I ignored when they said run as fast as u can.
Dear John, I see it all now, it was wrong,
Don't you think nineteen is too young to be played by your dark twisted games when I loved you so?
I should've known!
I see it all now that you're gone.
Don't you think I was too young to be messed with? The girl in the dress cried the whole way home "

I used to do this 3 bloggers per post thing. Well, if you're a new follower *waves at ya* hey! I link up to minimum of 3 bloggers I follow with my fav post by them =)
Now since I've lost count of where I was, I'll start from the bottom.
Have fun!

1. ♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫  at ♡♥♪ჱL!fe Thr()ugh My Eyes♡♥♪ჱ : I'm sure most of you already follow her.
Anyway, my fav post by her is 'The Fresh Smell Of Earth .. Fresh Love' .. It is sweet, it is romantic, it is awesomeness. <3 She reminds me of one of my other bubbly super sweet friends!
2. Sadiya Merchant at Yeh Life Hai .... Take it lightly! : Again one person most of you do know. She's damn sweet and cute =D Fav post is 'Revenge' and 'When you kiss a frog' .. Yeah,I know that's two but, but, but I couldn't choose only one *pouts*
3. Disguise at Who? What, nails! ooo! Squirrel! OMGGGG : Now, this female is really really, pure awesomeness. Fav post hmm this : No woman;no cry . That is SEXY. Plus she's so nice to talk to. I mean haan, 1-2 baar hi baat hui but still =p And she too is doing Arts *fist bump*

So now go visit these blogs and read these posts if you haven't already =)


  1. Aww, this so good. Guys like that are just not worth it. And the title. SO simple, SO deep. <3 :)


    1. Zazu! *hugs* , thank you so much.
      And yes, they are't worth it. AT ALL!

  2. You can become an Indian fiction writer!

    - D

    1. Hahaha =p
      Thanks a lot Dipsy =)
      That, coming from you, means a hell lot =D

  3. The picture; Everything is going to be alright. Yes. People cheat, lie and double-cross. That's what life is. :O

    Best of luck :)

    1. Yeah. Life sure does have it's sucky parts =p
      Thank you!!

  4. They always say they're sorry and yet they never change...hope you never find yourself in that situation. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Simple story,
    Harsh reality,
    Innocent gullibility,
    Lessons learnt the hard way,
    Are the ones that shall stay.

  6. Can really relate to this story, awesome job and loved the picture :) Keep writing.


  7. Love and life!! Phew! We all have been backstabbed...
    Well narrated!

  8. If this is true...then ASSSHOLE GUY :|
    But I can be sure this can be true as asses are most possessive :|
    Can relate in a way too
    Anyways, love the new layout :)
    Mwaahz :-*

    1. Isn't true in my case, but well who knows?!
      Thanks a lot Di

  9. i just love the fiction posts by you :)

    ps - i follow Disguise since i started blogging, love the way she writes :D

    1. Thank you so much :')
      Yeah, she IS awesome. xD

  10. layout is pretty nice, easy on the eyes and neat

  11. hahaha - guys are the funniest creature on planet earth :P

  12. Sounds so true

    Your layout looks pleasing to the eye, keep it up with frequent posts

    1. Thank you so much and yeah, I will try and post 'meaningful' posts frequently.

  13. Oh that is a tender age, we can always blame it on the hormones doing their stuff, getting it all wrong. :P

    Nice read, some men are such a shame to the name.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    1. =p Yea, hormones do make us all go crazyy *rolls eyes*
      Thanks a lot :)

  14. Its the story of our times - well narrated.

    Like the layout, looks very sorted.

    How's the foot now?

    Cheers :)

    1. Thank you so much, and thank you! :D
      Foot, ah long story, will maybe include that in the next post =s
      Thanks :)

  15. This is what happens mostly! True love is rare to find. (how sad!)
    But this is how we all learn and turn into mature beings.
    Learning process is kinda cruel!

    1. Learning process is cruel, but true love exists. Really, it does!! =D

  16. Very well narrated! And this happens so often these days.

  17. LOL. Layout, nice.

    And awesome story. Like the way you put it.

  18. First of all, thank you. No that's not even enough. I'm so happy that you liked my post. Thanks a ton :)
    Coming to your story, yes, we go blind when we are with a person. We don't listen to the others, and then we regret. But it's better late than never. I loved how you formed the story. You brought out the qualities of a girl who stood for herself, a supportive friend and an asshole :P Loved it :)

    1. Aww. Anytime =)
      Hahaha, thank you so much. Glad you loved it.

    2. Thank you once again for dropping by :D

  19. Happens in real life too! very well narrated :)

  20. I love this! You're amazing!
    I am totally in love with your writing.

  21. all boys aren't that bad.. like here this nick guy seems quite nice haha :P
    I like the way you mix hindi an english. :) re an all haha .
    I've been following u for quite a while.. never dropped a comment tho so yeah.
    nice post an nice blog. and I follow ur poetry blog too btw :)

    1. I agree. Guys are really good. Some are losers =p
      Thanks, glad you like it :D
      Aww, thank you!


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