Thursday, March 21

"Long live the walls we crashed through, I had the time of my life with you"

Longer relationships do not necessarily mean better because in you two, I find everything I need.

You get me. You get my obsession with sun screen and how I hate realizing I don't have my hand sanitizer in my bag. You know it takes me an hour to finish my ice cream cone. You know that my phone is switched off , or on airplane mode half the time and that's why your call won't get through. You get my love for Taylor and her music. You get my envy for amazing headsets and how I drool over those gorgeous headphones. You get how I like and want my wardrobe to be clean. You also get how my wardrobe would be purple and black black black if I had my way (I hope you read this ma). You get me when I'm typing with correct grammar and punctuation but also when I'm all "omg nOOO! SO BEAUTIFUL I CANNOT OMG JUST CNAT hELP". 

~ Saturn ~
She's the reason why fanfictions are my life now-a-days. She makes me pasta and concocts evil steal-her-phone plans with my younger brother. She thinks she's awkward at deep talks but she doesn't realize (because she's an idiot) how many times she has made me go from what-is-life to smiling and giggling at my phone because of her SURV and just Saturn being the adorable alien that she is! She was my date to the #TwitterYuleBall2012 although she ditched me early and I left a little while later and we missed Chris Rankin, but oh well! She's the one who actually took about a hundred screenshots for me when my phone couldn't, because she just is that nice. She unlocks her phone with her nose sometimes. She's a Slytherin and her creepily awesome evil side comes out sometimes and it is hilarious! She is that friend who steals the cheese off of your toast because she loves cheese. Also that person who makes cold coffee despite having a cold because hey, who cares about colds during exams which might totally make you ill and unable to study which is hard anyway. She has beautiful long hair and also I have this photo of her in yellow which might be one of the cutest photos I've seen of people I know in real life. I've never told anybody 'I love you' in less than two years of knowing them as much as I have told her because I do, I do. She also owes me chocolates, loads of 'em, so yaaay for that! :D

~ Vy ~ 
She knows how awkward and socially handicapped I am around new people thanks to have known me right at the beginning of 11th grade. She has these beautiful brown eyes which look like molten chocolate when light hits them, which is accurate & appropriate since she's very warm and exceptionally trusting. If I had to assign her to a house, she'd probably be a Gryffinclaw. Or a Ravenpuff?  She's the mature one of the group, although I realize that doesn't say a lot! She's technically challenged too, so I don't feel alone and everything. She's the person I bunked my first lecture with, and we went to Marine Drive and just sat there talking. She has epiphanies in showers and also pointlessly has this delusional idea wish that someday I will tell her who my favorite from One Direction is! don't hold your breath coz it's not going to happen. She knows how it feels when your younger siblings just borrow steal stuff from you and her parents say things which are eerily similar to what mine do. She Googled 'Blahblaholic' one day and read a lot of my posts at one go, so FOUR FOR YOU VY! YOU GO VY! I know she's the kind of person who would always give nice advice on being asked even if what you'd done was something terribly mean, because she just is that kind of a gem. She didn't know what MOFOs mean, isn't that precious? :P Hey Vy, I saw a demon child on my way back xD

Saturn and I are going to live together and adopt kids while Vy will live next to us with her charming, sweet, adorable partner and whenever our kid will poop/cry/annoy us we shall call her and she'll take care of everything. But Saturn might also meet some awesome person near some *cough* areas surrounding this city which starts with an N, so I'm not too sure about the idea? But for now, this plan is on like donkey kong.

We are going to have a hispter sleepover filled with One Direction+Supernatural fangirling, ice cream, cheesy movies and the dress code strictly is hair buns, and loose crappy home clothes. We are so fabulous, aren't we? Then we'll ride the trains from the first station to the last and back. And go to a karaoke bar. 

I was just missing these two crackpots so I decided to write this mush vomit. I'll be writing much more frequently now that I have holidays.
See you guys soon.

SURV = sunshine, unicorns, rainbows & Voldemort.
Four for you Glen Coco! You go Glen Coco! = Mean Girls quote.
Title = 'Long Live' by Taylor Swift.


  1. OMG how much I missed reading you <3
    I wish to have friends like you do :D

    And write write write now :D :D

    1. Yaay, someone missed me. :D

      Yes,I shall write as much as I can.

      Thanks a lot Di! :] xxx

  2. awww adorable and seriously missed you :)
    hope to see you more in blogger

    1. Thank you so much!
      Yes, I shall write more now. :D xx

    I missed you!

    I like this post. :D

    And you better start wriing.

    1. YES I DID! :D

      I'm glad you do and yes ma'am, I am on it. :D xxx

  4. I think this is the 274826th time im reading this.
    and I plan on reading it 27486 times more.
    Love You Ni:**** <3
    PPS: this is vyoma btw:*

    1. :D
      As soon as you're back. Thanks for dropping by for the 274826th time, was it? :D
      Love you too. xx

  5. ahh this is so cute :) missed you,keep the posts comingg!! Xx


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