Wednesday, August 15

Guest Post : "Dreams Are Magical" - KHADIJA (Of the 'Happy Birthday Saturn' fame)

Dream A Little Dream.

"Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry. But why on earth should that mean it is not real?" - Albus Dumbledore.

Dreams. Dreams are magical.
Dreams. One place where you can let your imagination run wild, where you can be whatever you want, where you date that fictional character you love, where that supermegafoxyawsesomehot actor sweeps you off into the sunset, where you can effing rule.
Dream, dream about going to that amazing university, dream about getting into IIT, dream about being a supermodel, dream about being a michelin star chef and owning that cute little restaurant by the beach.
Dream about writing a New York Times Bestseller, dream about being India's next M.F. Husain and getting your painting up in the Lourve, dream about being the fucking President.
Dream about earning your first phone, buying your first apartment, dream about getting married and dream about kids. Dream about your future, dream for your present and forget about your past.
Dream a little because when you dream you work a little towards achieving it.

"Its in your head, but why cant it be real?"

It can be very very real.
Dream a little and then work a little. And then see something unreal come alive. Dream enough to last you a lifetime.
Coz if you haven't dreamed, what have you done?
Dream a little, coz when you dream you strive, and when you strive you win.

Dream a little, and then dream a little more. :-)

P.S. Thank you for this guest post. Thanks a ton. I love you N<3
   Love, Saturn. :-*

Saturn is my friend in college, she has been le featured on the blog @ 'HAPPY BUDDAY SATURN!" .. She's awesome as fu *cough* hell.
Thankyouu for doing this guest post Saturn, also, by "supermegafoxyawsesomehot actor" she means Jensen Ackles. OhYes!
Take care and keep dreaming! :')


  1. Replies
    1. Tell me about it! :D
      MY friend after all B|
      Thanks S!

  2. Oh yeah, dream a little and then dream a little more is my policy. Have been a big dreamer always and still am. Doesn't hurt to dream even if they seem silly/impossible. That dialogue of Dumbledore's is my favorite next to Snape's "Always" :)


    1. I am too! :D Exactly. Oh, Snape's Always is too BEAUTIFUL. Cried buckets during that!
      Thank you for commenting Keirthana! :]

  3. ...because I Love Albus Dumbledore quotes and I'm a Harry Potter freak!!!
    and I am a dreamer. :)
    Lovely post. Loved how you merged it with the quotes :)

    Not Just My Allegories

    1. I'm a Harry Potter freak too,welcome to the family. :D You'll fit right in!

      Thank you, Saturn is awesome. :D I'll make her read this!
      Thank you for following as well!

  4. wow I never gave so much thought to dreams,, loved reading it :)

    1. I'm glad you loved reading it! :]
      Thank you for dropping by & commenting!

  5. Dreaming Never Hurts. Ne an Idealistic......
    Thats what my policy is

    By The Way I am Back on Blogger
    and its good to see some old friends writing.. :)

    Visit mine too at your leisure

    Hope you still remembers my Blog :p

    1. That is really true. Dreaming #FTW =D

      Hey, that's great, welcome back and yes, I do remember your blog! ^^


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