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Guest Post : "Trolling In The Deep" - DOZING DODO.

Hello there, people. I don't know you and you all have no idea who the hell I am. But that's the beauty of blogging, isn't it? This is the first time I'm writing a guest post for someone so just manage with the random collection of nonsensical ramblings, okay? Okay.
So who am I? No one. Well, really. I mean I haven't done anything productive for the Universe till now, have I? Not that I’m complaining though.
Phew, always hate the introduction parts.

So ‘Why am I doing this guest post?' must be one of the first things you'd like to ask. No? Okay, lets ignore that part. Ni, my dear little sister (you know, mele main bichde hue types) asked me do it and well, I couldn't refuse. (Also, I get free publicity but that's a different story altogether. Shhhh.) And it's her first blogoversary! (HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY NI! :D) She's awesome like that, you know. Go buy her a cupcake or something.
Coming back to the post, I'm suffering from what writers like to call ‘a writer's block'. They could've at least come up with something more creative, no? I mean writers suffering from a 'Writer's Block'! What the hell is that supposed to mean?  I guess the guy who came up with it was suffering from a writer's block.

Ever wondered why we can't do all the nothing in the world that we want to do? That is what the world needs, you know. For people to take out time for themselves and do absolutely nothing. I know it sounds kinda stoopid (Okay, REALLY stoopid) but that feeling is indescribable. (Maybe 'cause it's nothing?)

People have opinions. I have opinions on people with opinions. People with opinions have an opinion about me. It's an opinion oriented world. Take twitter for example. Tweeples (That's what we like to call ourselves. A direct consequence of the ‘Writer's block’, obviously.) have an opinion on everything ranging from PMS to Tusshar Kapoor's moobs. If that wasn't enough, we have our very own brand of moral police : Tweeples hell bent on telling other tweeples how to type and what to type and anything remotely related to typing on twitter. These guys will go to any lengths to protect the modesty of twitter. Even if it means hurling out abuses with the frequency of a petrified hummingbird. Then we have trolls. People who believe that any person to walk the face of this planet with an opinion a wee different than theirs are, in simple terms, blasphemous. They will comment on all your activities, come up with a theory as to why this world would be a better place without you and list out a set of do’s and don’ts for you to religiously follow in order to please Your Royal Highness Sir/Lady Douchebag of Trollville. These usually include RSS Supporters, Celebrity fan clubs and yes even Satyameva Jayate bashers. (Tune into twitter every Sunday at 11am and you'll know what I'm talking about.)

But in between all this hustle, sometimes you meet people you can just connect to. It might be ‘cause of common interests. Maybe through mutual friends. You might not talk a lot, you might never meet, but deep down they're going to be there for you. And that's the reason why I love twitter.

About the writer : When he's not busy ranting about being bored, Aquib reads books, listens to music, watches football and occasionally studies. Second Year Engineering Victim. Sometimes, he wants to give it all up and become a handsome billionaire.
To know more of his views on life, the Universe and everything in between,you can follow him on twitter @dozingdodo
He is also a (dead) blogger at The Life And Adventures of the Hiding Dodo.


As you just read, Aquib a.k.a DozingDodo is my mele me bichda hua bhai. :D He's pretty darn awesome and I louu his randomness. Beeeg thank you bro, for this coolsome post. :D :*
And I agree that despite all those 'Twitter fights', and random spelling classes and sly tweeting blah blah, you end up meeting a hell lot of nice people too. And like he said, sometimes you might end up never meeting, but you know that if you reach out, they're there for you. 
Thankyou for reading! :')


  1. First time I read a super-random super-cool post! Loved it!


  2. I absolutely loved this post :D The way he writes is so friendly and inviting, I feel like I know him.

    1. Thank you :D Really appreciated.

    2. I know right! He just has that way of writing. I totally get your point!

  3. Hey!...Loved this super cool random post...Will hit is blog soon...:)
    Happy Blogging :)


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