Thursday, August 23

New Beginnings! (A Short Story)

" .. But I can't!" she ended, looking away.
"You can.. Of course you can! You know I love you, always have, always will. Just this once, forget what your mind is trying to tell you. Please, I'm begging you, begging you for one chance .."

She was hurt. And betrayed. And lost.
It took her months to begin to accept that it really was over .. Why would she want to go down the same path? Isn't it said that once you repeat it, it's no longer a mistake, it is stupidity.

"What about Perth? The cat you promised you'd get me? What about our engagement? Why?" she'd shouted that night, her mind refusing to believe he would desert her just like that.

"I know what you're thinking.. I am not him Beth, you know me!" he said, trying to convince her.
"I thought I knew him too..." she trailed off.

* 2 days later*

"You're my friend. And because of you, actually make that, thanks to you, I could survive what happened. You're why I didn't give up, you're why I threw away physically, and mentally, everything that I'd been carrying all these years. 
You're the reason I want to be new. More. Better.
And hey, I say, let's give it a try!" she messaged him.

To New Beginnings! :]


  1. every ending has a new beginning :)
    short and sweet story :)

    1. I totally agree.
      Thank you so much. :D xx

  2. Someone rightly said "The Finishing line is the beginning of a whole new race"
    Lovely post!!

    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

    1. Beautiful words,those! :] And I agree!
      Thank you for dropping by again Anisha! :D xx

  3. awwwwwwwww....burning away the past :)

    1. Amen to that! :]
      Thanks for commenting Red. How I have missed you! :D xxxxxx


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