Wednesday, August 22

The Nokia Apptasting Event!

You know what's the awesome-st part of being an Indiblogger? Apart from the fact that it builds your network, you meet other bloggers yada yada yada? THE MEETS!

The Happy-5th-anniversary Indi-Cake!

Confused Soul & Me.

Vikas Khanna and moi. :D :D :D

This was my 2nd meet, and I was extra excited regarding this because last time I had had a blaast! :D
So I'm going to tell you all, even if you don't want to know, about the meet! =D
Also, my wit is active mode par only when I'm conversing or sometimes randomly. So do not expect a lot of funny stuff, but cheesy and cute and real? SORTED BRO.

The event was held at Taj Lands End, Bandra from 5.30 to 10.30 pm.

Highlights of the evening :

  • Beautiful ambiance, lovely light work and seating arrangements.
  • Rajiv Makhni and Vikas Khanna as hosts! 
  • The ramp walk and introduction of the 'Silent Movie Film Director' app.
  • The 'Group Shot' app.
  • The techies and foodies quiz which was HILA-flipping-RIOUS!
  • The Indi-Cake cutting ^^
  • 21 Fools' Cards


So anyway, I read Rajiv Makhni's column about Outlook recently and what I always thought was that techies are not all that funny and awesome *shameface*
Intelligent and amazing yes, but I never ever knew that they can be this hilarious! Atleast Rajiv can! The spontaneous wit and teasing contestants, it made us laugh like crazy. :D
Especially the part where his coat(?) had to be fixed and he's like "oh, you don't want us to start?" to the man. I don't know why, but this made me laugh!

I also didn't know (as it turns out, I don't know a hell lotta things :P) that chefs can be this ADORABLE! :')
Vikas Khanna is extremely sweet. He has this adorable (I'm so boring :P) Punjabi accent which makes you want to go all d'awwwwwwwwwww.
And his expressions are epic too. :D
Also, during the quiz, there was this true/false question. The first team got it wrong and so he goes all 'shouldn't it pass' and a minute later he said that he got it. That laugh and expression = priceless. :D
[Also, if you haven't guessed already, I'm fangirling. (No points for guessing Sherlock.)]

Vikas Khanna and me. WHEEEEEEEEE! ^^

The Nokia Apps!

When TDKR released, I was pretty jealous of all Lumia users because they got all those coolsome wallpapers/screensavers of TDKR :[
But now, I have all the more reasons to be envious of them :|

1. The Silent Movie Film Director 

The ramp walk with these 2 females along with Vikas was spectacular! I'm going to run out of adjectives because you just had to be there to feel it! Then Rajiv used the app and created this Charlie Chaplin-esque short movie which was actually really funny! This is something I can totally imagine doing while I'm with my cousins or friends, doing vellapanti ^^

Random photo of the duo!
So this app lets you view food/emergency/party places/anything actually without you having to receive a 'proper' GPS signal out on the street. It shows you how far it is, and click on it to get additional information like the contact details! Suchayy useful app to have!

Foodspotting is a pretty popular app but for the uninitiated (hi-5! :P), it's an app that lets you browse through literally LOADS of restaurant and dishes.
You can select the dish before ordering and you will not only get to read the reviews of the people who've had this before, but will also get to see a picture taken by them!

One of the clicks

In group shots, one person ALWAYS is looking away, has red eyes, forgot to pose, or quite simply, does not like the photo (me! me!).
So this God-sent app lets you select the best shot per person among the 4-5 clicks, eg : I looked best in the 3rd click, you in the 5th, so it takes these and merges them into one photo! Voila! You have the perfect group shot =) No longer is that a myth!

* The quiz I spoke, rather wrote about?
These girls won it! :D

Two Nokia phones. Talk about awesomeness! :D

* Vikas Khanna

* Quite seriously, these two were amazing,sweet, hilarious, in your face funny hosts!

* Indi-Cake! :D

* The Indi-Nokia Tee :D

One more tee to flaunt off. B|

* The 21 Fools's Card. Find out ALL about it on

It's a beautiful, really sweet initiative! Recently, on the 15th of August on our Independence Day, they sent cards to the soldiers who protect us :)
Go check them out!


I had a wonderful time! I didn't quite meet a lot of bloggers this time around, but these hosts made up for it. MORE THAN MADE UP FOR IT! =)

To be honest, when I got that photo clicked with Vikas Khanna, and later a pic with both Vikas & Rajiv and Confused Soul, I was grinning and going red like a CRAZZAY person on a joy high. Which I was, but still.

Me, looking like crap, but hey,whatever! :P

I just uploaded the picture of me with Vikas Khanna  today onto my social networking sites, and I got all these comments from ze ladies,  (just to show off and everything. NO, just FYI. I don't know why you would want to know this, but um, yes. *awkward pause*. Read till the end maybe?)
  • "I hope you didn't faint. Main faint ho jaati!"
  • "Amazing DP & Vikas Khanna"
  • "OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Lucky you" (This on being told that it's Vikas Khanna's arm around my shoulder in the pic xD)
  • " Omg! Omg! Omg! :-*"
  • " whoaaaa... awesome!!! :))) I missed it, ahem ahem missed Vikas Khanna basically...*tch tch*"
  • " Let me die already!! D: Aaaaaah, I am so jealous! >_________<"

P.S The images have all been stolen off of 
1. Blogwati G  's photo album. She's also the one who clicked that photo of mine. THANK YOU! <3
4. Absolutely Insane 's blog.

That's it. :D
Tadaaa, the post is up! 
Goodnight and stay awesome. :D


  1. I am becoming an Indiblogger soon :D

  2. Okay. Awesome.
    Like seriously. I am jealous.
    I dint know about it only. Shucks.

    And Vikas Khanna! *drools


      I know right, he's flipping ADORABLE. :D <3

    pictures are brilliant, you look too cute <3
    and vikas khanna *lucckkyyyyyoouu*

    1. Aww, thank you so much, that's really sweet! :D :D
      I knoww, he's amazing. And I was bloody happy. :D


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