Wednesday, August 1

Guest Post : "Falling Behind" - KIARA.

" First of all, congrats on your first blogoversary for this blog! You're an amazing blogger, and I really look forward to reading more of you! I couldn't quite think of a post that celebrated your blogoversary, so I ended up writing a poem, which doesn't relate to this, even the slightest bit. But here it goes!

Falling Behind

Dawn fluttered
Golden-fire bliss
The sun rose
But not a word uttered

The tiny, chirping birds
Spread apart their wings
Let themselves loose
To fly, to glide

Eyes opened
All was seen
Yours closed
The world unseen

Dark nights end
 It all started over
But where are you
Falling behind

Open your eyes
Snatch a glimpse
Take a breath
Where are you
Falling behind

You're out of breath
Lost behind the crowd, insular
I slow down
Catching you
But losing myself
Where are you
Falling Behind

Bright clouds cover
Over your eyes they hover

I stop for you
 Lose my track
  Now I too
      Cannot see
              Where are you
                   Falling Behind

Dark clouds cover
Over my eyes they hover

Where are you
Racing ahead
You're lost again
  Eyes now open
  You grew, you flew
    Far away
      Racing ahead
Then Where am I
Falling Behind

I hope you have an amazing blogoversary! And thanks so much for inviting me to do this post! "


Kiara! She's a gem, she blogs at 'Dreams' and she has such amazingly lovely poems, she is super mega talented :') 
Thank you so much for agreeing to guest post on my blog, and this poem is BEAUTIFUL
Andd, this is just the first guest post, loads more to come! =D


  1. Kiara, what a lovely interview and the poem was absolutely beautiful!!

    And as you for my friend Blahblah, I've nominated you for the magic 8 ball meme if you're interested!

    Thank you for all your support and I hope you can check it out and participate!!

    1. The poem really is beautiful isn't it?!
      Thank you so much Crystal, I'll check it out sooooon. :D

  2. Kiara - Awesome name and awesome poem. The poem flowed through my brain to my heart.


    1. Thank you Keirthana! I'm glad you were able to connect :)

      And thanks for the lovely comments you left at Dreams!

    2. Prettay name she's got. :D And the poem really is beautiful!
      I'm glad you went to Dreams! Kiara's poems are amazing. :')

  3. That was a wonderful poem! :)
    Anyhoo, you have a new follower. :)

    1. Yes it was, wasn't it?! :')
      And thankyouu. <3


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