Sunday, October 21

A Little Less Of Cynicism Never Hurt Anyone!

Rest in Peace Yash Chopra.

What has this post got to do with that? Well, a lot! If you're active on Twitter, you might have noticed the dozens of jokes and RIP tweets floating around tonight.
But there's a 3rd category as well (oh yes!). These are the people who think no one is genuinely sad. Or cares. Or hurt. Or anything at all. Because, of course, they're so smart, they know better.

There's a BIG difference between being a realist and not having rosy ideas about life, and being cynical and then there are people who just want to spew crap around, but that's for a different day!

Basically, cynicism doesn't really help anyone. The dreamers will dream. The weepers will weep. 

Why do we all have this need of shoving down our ideas and view points down peoples' throats? 
Why do we feel the need to let everyone know how our future is bleak and tell the innocent that dreams are only seen by the ones who are weak?

This could be (or is) just my way of thinking, because I'm not someone who believes there's no hope. Or believes we can change the world. I've got my feet in two places and no, that's not me being diplomatic! :P 
I believe there IS hope, we CAN do things, but I don't see anything having in the foreseeable future if we all do continue this way.
Because, the odds are definitely not in our favor at the moment ..  

So the next time you see some tweet/status/anything, don't crush their hopes. Don't think it's your 'responsibility' to inform them about 'reality'. It isn't.
And more over, try and introspect (yeeah,I can haz big words on my blog too!) why you think the way you do.

And I know I'm all 17 and shizz, and 'I ain't seen nothing in life yet' but there are TONS, like literally so many people who've lost loved ones in wars/accidents/terrorism acts, and still believe in the good in people. Believe in betterment of people. Believe in change. Believe in belief.

Thanks to Blogadda's WOW program thing, I finally wrote something along these lines!
This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

Take care and stay safe & sound! x


  1. I so wanted to write for blogadda but forgot in the way, but anyway, I enjoyed reading this one so much that am left numb. I do feel there is lot to see in this world, and I can never foresee nor do I like the idea of planning! I live in the present, not in the future!
    Aww, you are all of 17? but you are definitely one great teen I ever met on blog, I enjoy reading your writings by heart :)

    1. I hadn't read about it, saw their tweet at like 9 and decided to write :P

      Aww, thank you. I'm glad you liked it!

      Haha, yes, I am all of 17.
      You don't know how much that means to me! <3
      Thank you so much xx


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