Monday, October 22

She Didn't Deserve It,No One Does .. But If We Don't Learn From Her Death, Everything Goes Back The Way It Was(is).

Two words : Amanda Todd.

Am I going to crack jokes about her being weak? No.
Write about how what she did was stupid, she asked for it? No.
That I support suicide? No.

All I'm saying is, one girl killed herself. We all felt bad. But if we are doing what people did to her, to people in our real lives, shame on us!

The first time I logged onto Orkut, my parents didn't know. Having gotten a lot of beware-of-the-stranger-online lectures, I thought of not telling them. 
When I read Amanda's story, that's the first thing that went in my head. If only she hadn't flashed that stranger online.
If only she hadn't flashed
If only that man wasn't a sick pedophile bastard
If only ..


She shouldn't have flashed, yes. But is all the hate justified? A BIG FAT NO.

But feeling bad for her is pointless unless you're willing to learn from her death.

  • Befriend people, even the ones most kids call weird, or a bookworm.
  • Don't bully people. And if you know/see someone being bullied, stand up for them.
  • Sometimes people over the internet aren't really what you think of them to be. Increase your privacy levels and settings.

Technically, it's your chest. Your choice. But the truth is, sad truth, that there a lot of sick, perverted, pedophiles hanging around waiting for someone like you, me, us. 

It's your body. Your images. Don't waste it on the internet. Don't trust blindly.

Don't write sad statuses about Amanda. Be nice to people in her memory. Touch peoples' lives. Write, sing, paint, act. Seek out others when you're in need. Climb out of dark hole of depression. Ask for help. Offer help. Stop bullying. Stop teasing/verbal abuse of other people.

All I'm saying is, Amanda was one teen, there are so many all over the world, who go through the same thing  everyday. Some grow out of it, some succumb to the pressure and don't survive it .. For her, for them, for yourself, for everything, just be nicer. More gentle. Less harsh. Less criticizing. 

Rest In Peace Amanda Todd.

Stay safe. Much love x

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