Wednesday, October 31

I'm Falling For You

Sipping cold juice, on the grass.
Oblivious of everybody, the world spins so fast.

Look into your eyes and I see your love,
Shining and sparkling, stay with me.

Run your hands on my back, you know my weak spots,
My fascination, since day one you have caught.

Smooth your hair with my hands and now I'm gone,
You put me up on cloud nine and I need you now.
You have got me falling for you, fast and how!

Catch me baby, catch me, hold me tight.
Make me smile, make me laugh, we 'll set it right.

The people are looking, but I don't care, 
I see you looking at me, I can't break my stare.
My heart skips a beat and gives me a scare!

Catch me baby, catch me, take me close.
How long will this last, oh no one knows.

But right now you are my star and that's all I know.
So take me dancing, proper and slow.
Make me fall harder, make me fall in love.
Your hand fits mine, perfectly like a glove.

So catch me baby, catch me, coz I'm  falling for you!

Have a beautiful week ahead people. :] x


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